Facts About Me

1. I really love Britney Spears.
2. My favorite flower in the whole world is the rose.
3. I am very complex.
4. I have a candid nature, although I prefer to be quiet most of the time.
5. People tell me that I am weird, but can't explain why.
6. I'm drawn to arts and literature.
7. I have a very sensitive soul. 
8. I hate the modern music, so I listen to 90s music with very meaningful slow love songs and innocent pop songs.
9. I actually want to be an artist, a writer, and a performer.
10. I went through an "ugly phase" when I was 9 until I was 16. 
11. I think independently - I am open to other people's ideas, but I have my own ideas and beliefs.
12. I am a sucker for aromatherapy. I love love love oil burners, incense, and candles.
13. My favorite scent is floral, specifically rose and cherry blossoms. 
14. I follow my heart more than my head.
15. There are two kinds of people in my life: those whom I love deeply and those who don't exist.
16. I can be stubborn and argumentative as fuck. 
17. I always need my freedom.
18. Aphrodite is my patron goddess.
19. I hate being underestimated. I am not normally a competitive person - but when I am challenged, I will fight until the very end. 
20. I don't like close-minded and dogmatic people.
21. I appreciate all kinds of beauty.
22. Wicca is the only religion that fascinated me the most.
23. Rose tea and chamomile tea are my favorites.
24. Rose and lavender are my favorite aromatherapy fragrances.
25. My favorite song of all time is "Pretty Boy" by M2M. The song explains how I fall in love. :)
26. My favorite color is pink. I have lots of pink stuff!
27. I love reading classic novels and children's literature like Winnie-the-Pooh.
28. I love anything that's classic or vintage or floral or antique-looking.
29. I want to go to the past so bad because I find this generation too ugly.
30. Listening to the songs of Michael Learns to Rock brings back all my lovely childhood memories.
31. Sometimes, only sometimes, what people think of me is the opposite of who I really am. :))
32. Everything that I write, paint, and draw, reflects my true personality (of course lol), which may not be readily visible to the people around me.
33. Readers of this blog apparently know me more than most acquaintances of mine.
34. I have very different beliefs from most people. But I still try to understand them anyway.
35. I am an idealist and romanticist.
36. I am always misunderstood by both strangers and people close to me. Maybe I came down to earth with that intention and in order to learn something from being misunderstood.
37. People get terrified whenever I get too quiet. Perhaps they intuitively know that when I get unusually quiet, lots of negative emotions are already torturing me inside.
38. I may seem to look carefree but I have more problems that it seems.
39. I am hot-tempered but I repress my anger and retain my poise. When I finally burst, I can sever ties from those who love hurting me.
40. I don't waste time on people who don't matter to me. Getting close to someone puts my heart on risk.
41. I am really sweet to everyone, but I stop the sweetness to people who mistreat me.
42. I am more compassionate to animals than to humans.
43. I am a crybaby. Crying makes me feel good afterwards.
44. I am dramatic and expressive.
45. People who don't know me yet think of me as quiet, shy, and cowardly. The opposite is the true me.
46. Some people told me that they find my weird ways charming.
47. I am not a weirdo. I am unique.
48. I am unconventional and a non-conformist.
49. I have an active imagination as the three-year-old kids.
50. My moods change very quickly.
51. I am very content with who I am, although I am constantly finding ways to improve.
52. I want respect in any form.
53. I detest ill-mannered people.
54. I can easily identify false friends.
55. My first impressions are often true.
56. I don't care much about rules or tradition. I have always seen errors in them.
57. My emotions are always shown through my obvious facial expressions.
58. I believe in destiny, true love, and forever. I am reincarnated for the purpose of searching for my soul mate.
59. I have a very hearty laugh and I consider myself cheerful.
60. I have a true inner artist.
61. I am totally whimsical.
62. Children's literature books are the best.
63. My favorite books are "The Little Prince", "Winnie-the-Pooh", and "The House at Pooh Corner".
64. "Annabel Lee" By Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poem. It pretty much reflects my life: romantic and tragic.
65. I am a puzzling person to both strangers and friends.
66. I consider myself a Plain Jane back then, especially during high school days.
67. But people around me keep on telling me that I am pretty and attractive. (not bragging, but this pretty much means a lot to me, being a Libra)
68. I am not a schizophrenic, but I have my own world too.
69. People consider me to be childlike...
70. ...because I exhibit innocence and carefreeness.
71.I don't do well in any subjects especially Math, except for English and Arts.
72. I believe in the impossible.
73. I write in my diary and daydream for hours just to unwind.
74. I always need a vacation.
75. I feel happy when I am left alone in the house.
76. Before, I look better in pictures. Now, people say that I look better in person.
77. I want to be a writer, visual artist, and a teacher to small children all at once.
78. I have a natural wavy hair that is straight at the top.
79. My petite figure is indirectly proportional to my abilities.
80. I think too much that I have a tendency to be paranoid over trivial matters.
81. I consider myself a strong woman, judging from the bad happenings always happening to me which make me think that the whole world is against me.
82. I am never pretentious. I ignore people I dislike.
83. I believe that love is the most vital thing in this world.
84. I want to learn the French language. I want to be acquainted in everything that's French.
85. I have odd but beautiful tastes.
86. I have nothing to hide. I open up easily.
87. A tall boyfriend makes me feel secure.
88. I like anything that's natural.
89. I love way too much. I am not interested in short-term relationships.
90. My favorite flavor of everything is chocolate.
91. I love being complimented of my beauty out of the blue.
92. I give off a dangerous silent vibe whenever I'm angry. I guess I'm just careful not to say very hurtful words.
93. I am not a flirt. No matter how introverted I can be, people's impression of me is still a flirt.
94. My mother told me that I've already liked flowers (even weed flower) ever since I was a little kid.
95. I am already very, very feminine at a very young age.
96. I am pretty unpredictable.
97. I love unicorns, rainbows, flowers, stars, hearts, marshmallows, and all those cute stuff.
98. I can be crafty.
99. I can look like a cute little angel but I hide my iron fists in my fluffy gloves.
100. My two only multiple intelligences are (in order): linguistic and spatial.
101. I am usually naive but I also like to play innocent sometimes.
102. Most people perceive that I have a childish aura.
103. When I'm mad or I feel bad, I isolate myself. I hate seeing people who don't seem to care and understand. I cry alone in a private place or cry my feelings out to a person whom I trust the most.
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