My Deceased Grandmother Looks after Me.

How did I know? It came from my intuition and some external signs and confirmations of this. :)

I felt a huge amount of guilt when my grandmother died. She didn’t want me to go to college in a faraway place because she just wanted me to be by her side. She became weaker when my grandfather died three years ago before she did, and by then I felt that she became emotionally dependent on me too. I was the grandchild whom she showered her love to. Because she was old, she was definitely lonely, so it was understandable why an old person would become emotionally and physically dependent to someone like a grandchild who tries to spend time with them. So right after the plane I was boarding on departed, she died. It was as if she chose to die at that exact moment so her spirit could go along with me.

Nobody in the family mentioned that I was her favorite grandchild, but everybody can feel it. They know. I know. I just don’t boast about it because they don’t like that attitude and they don’t care anyway. My grandmother always looked for me when she needed assistance. She also showered me with gifts, money, and things that she has used before, like her silver watch for example. When I try to be there for her, she tried to pay me back sevenfold. She just reeks of love, just like most grandmothers. She has touched my life so much that I would probably choose to reincarnate with her in my next lifetime. And she was also probably my only relative whom I had deep connections with.

During my first year in college, it was hard for me to adjust to the cultural and language differences. Some people around me didn’t like me so they backstabbed me and whatever, they made my freshman year hard for me but it was fun nonetheless. I got lots of awards and recognitions for making people laugh whenever I do acting. I also entertain people there through singing. People knew me as the characters that I play every time. During my freshman year, I tried to prettify myself that people who knew me before (like my classmates during grade school and high school) were shocked and almost didn’t recognize me. Some said that there were also some changes in my aura. Lots of positive things happened to me after my grandmother died that I just thought that maybe she was helping me in some way. I knew she was, for she was beautiful in her youth and she has excellent social skills. Those were the same things that brought me luck from then on.

And about two years ago, I found myself reading the Channeling Erik blog. I read the very first blogs of Elisa. I found myself crying since I remember my deceased grandma and I could sympathize. On one of the earliest blog posts there, I commented something like “I hope my grandmother looks after me too,” to which Elisa Medhus (Erik Medhus’s beautiful mother, and the author of that blog) replied, “I bet she is!” My soul lightened up after that comment, and I took that as a sign.

There were also some instances where birds would be trapped inside my small room and big black moths or butterflies would go near me. I often comfort myself thinking that my grandma was visiting me through these birds and insects. But then just seven months ago, I found my mosquito net folded nicely in the middle of my bed. Nobody was home, I just came home at that time, and there was no way that I had folded my own mosquito net since I was in a rush to go out to process some documents for my passport. I was the one who left the house last and the first to come home. The only living thing left in the house was the puppy. I asked my family who could have done it, but all of them really denied it. My mother and I thought that perhaps it was my grandmother.

Now, just a few weeks ago, I watched Gigi Young’s video entitled “5 Facts AboutSpirit Guides.” I commented something like this: “I don’t know if this is my intuition or just my wishful thinking, but I think my grandmother has been helping me since she died.” Gigi Young responded to my comment with something along the lines of: “Absolutely. Our deceased relatives sometimes act as our spirit guides.” Gigi was an intuitive, but her response to my comment was not really a psychic reading. I actually took it as a sign! Both Elisa and Gigi agreed to my comments regarding my assumptions that my grandmother looks after me and that was just too much of a coincidence. It was indeed a confirmation. Now I know for sure that her presence is with me even though I don’t see it. Our intuition doesn’t fail us, really. :)


And I miss you so much, Lola. 


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