My Dreams about Dogs

Me: Hi Lawrence! Sorry for disturbing you but these days I had two dreams about dogs.

Last week, I dreamt about a dog that is very annoying, and it really wants to play with me, or just annoy me, and I keep throwing that puppy away but it keeps coming back in every possible way, still annoying as ever. It wasn’t a cute puppy; it’s really irritating. But then some kind of situation required me to be a bit calmer or something, maybe someone was passing by (I couldn’t remember), so I had no choice but to let that puppy be with me. The puppy suddenly became calm and cute when I was petting it.

Last night, I dreamt about my sister’s puppy. It was playing with me. We were just playing happily. I thought that maybe I just missed that dog that’s why I had a dream about it. It was larger than before. I texted by sister about it and she said that the dog has indeed become bigger and taller.

Do any of them mean anything significant? Is a dog related to a friend or something? Thanks a lot! :))

Lawrence: Ruff ruff
Dreaming of the dog is finding someone to love you unconditionally.
It would be great if you really had a dog or any pet to love and love you back.
You may not be into animals but they’re into you.


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