Beauty Goals (2017 - 2018)

In order to reach our dreams, our dream jobs, and become the best versions of ourselves, there are just some physical changes and adjustments needed. It is no-brainer that we need internal resources like skills, education, intelligence, confidence, and inner beauty to really be capable in handling jobs, but let’s face it – the physical and visual impact is also a necessity. It definitely gives us an advantage. Being aesthetically pleasing helps us give off a better first impression to the employers.

However, there are just some jobs in the world, especially those that have to deal with people, which require us to be almost flawless. In order to get those dream jobs, we sometimes have to make sacrifices, especially if we have thousands of competitors for a single slot. For people like me with too many physical flaws, or are not genetically blessed, this is a great challenge (lol). But on the brighter side, aiming for these kinds of jobs can push us to be the greatest and the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

In my preparation for my applications for my dream job next year (after I graduate, hopefully), the following are my own beauty goals:

#1: Outgrow My Hair, Bring Back Natural Hair Color (Black)

I have been dyeing my hair for the past four years that it’s no surprise that my locks have become so dry and ugly now. And regarding the company that I am targeting to work for, I heard that they want a natural hair color. My best friend, who is also dyeing her hair brown like me, told me that people (or perhaps Filipinos, rather) look more professional with their natural black hair color, and that most employers would consider those with unnatural hair dyes as less serious in applying for their jobs. I agree with her, since the seriousness that the black hair color brings to a person’s aura adds to the impression of professionalism that they give off. And in addition to the visual professionalism that I am aiming for, bringing back my natural black hair color would make my hair healthier and shinier.

#2: Gain Weight (6 – 10 kilograms)

I am UNDERWEIGHT. *cries* Yes, and I have been underweight ever since I was a kid. Aside from being short, I also struggle to retain fats in my body because I have a very fast metabolism. I am just naturally thin and I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat. But since my dream job requires applicants to have their weight proportionate to their height, meaning having a normal Body Mass Index (BMI), I still have to gain at least ten kilograms. I don’t even know if I can achieve this because my very fast metabolism is against me. To do this, I plan to gain more muscles through exercise, regularly eat breakfast, eat snacks all the time, and always have extra rice on my plate. Turning my piggy mode on, I hope I can have a normal BMI in a year.

#3: Gain At Least Two Inches in Height

For me to get accepted in my dream job, I need to be at least 160 cm or 5’3”. I am currently 155 cm or 5’1”. Ever since I was a child, I have always been short. My legs are short. And I am the shortest one in my family. Both of my parents are 5’4”, so I think I may still have a chance even though I am already 21. I only need to have extra two inches in my height in order to get accepted in my dream job and that really stresses me out. Therefore, in order to be taller by a few centimeters and reach 5’3”, these are my plans: daily pituitary gland meditation, daily stretching (yoga, jumping rope, etc.), taking vitamins and growth supplements, and drinking milking twice a day. With persistence, I hope I can reach my desired height within a year.

#4: Terminate Acne, Aim for a Clear Complexion

My dream job is strict with regards to having flawless skin. I have no problems regarding leg scars, but I have lots of pimple scars on my face. Since this job regularly deals with people, applicants should have a clear face with NO acne. I have struggled with acne since I was eleven years old until now because I keep on picking my pimples and both of my parents have suffered from terrible acne. But with proper diet, exercise, regular liver detoxes, regular changing of pillow cases, and a little help from a dermatologist I know I can achieve a flawless face eventually. Also, I have to be wary of some products that make my skin breakout. And the most important of all, I must discipline myself to NOT touch my face no matter what.

#5: Gym Membership

Two years ago, when I became a gym member for a month, I gained three or four kilos. Of course, that is combined with eating breakfast daily and always having extra rice. However, I gave up after a month because I find it hard to balance going to the gym and passing heavy units of college subjects – so eventually, I went back to being underweight. Stress can really make people lose weight. I now plan to be persistent in going to gym almost daily in order to gain more muscle mass and make my body ideal for my dream job.

#6: Buy Makeup, Learn How to Apply

For my dream job, a flawless makeup application on the face is always a requirement – and that is one of the things that make me excited about it. The females of my dream career always pride themselves on being beautiful and glamorous girls. I somehow associate this job with being a geisha. It requires a lot of training, a lot of sacrifices and self-discipline, also natural beauty, charm, and dealing with people. Geishas look a bit unreachable and mysterious, just like the females of my dream career. Since I have always been attracted to the beauty field, I might as well pursue this job because of additional benefits of adventure, big salary, and freedom.

I listed them all in this blog for you to read and for it to remind me of what to always and persistently do. I hope my list inspired you to make your own beauty goals. Ciao!


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