A FLYING Career? (Psychic Reading)

My best friend frequently tells me about her aunt who is an international flight attendant and how that aunt encourages her to try that job. I personally think that it is a great job, mainly because the female flight attendants get to make themselves pretty every time they go to work – and they really have a reputation of being really pretty women. In fact, they take pride in it. Not only they can (or are required to) look pretty, but they also get to travel everywhere for free. However, because I am petite and there are height requirements in order to be hired for the job, I didn’t pay much attention on being a flight attendant. Maybe it wasn’t for me.

However, just about two weeks ago, my best friend told me that the minimum height requirement for some airlines here in the Philippines is 5’2”. While giggling, we thought that perhaps our looks could save us because we often get told that we are pretty (not to brag haha) but I told her that I lack an inch or two in my height – because the last time I checked (which was perhaps a year ago), my height was only 5’1”. But I measured it again and discovered that I am now a little over 5’2”. I shrieked with joy! At least my height wouldn’t be an obstacle anymore!

And so, after having about fifteen minutes of mirth about my new height, both of us researched online about being a flight attendant. We got so attracted to everything that the job offers – unusual lifestyle, pride in our physical looks, free travels, good salary, and fun experiences with (literally) different kinds of people. We had a pinky promise that we would both apply for this job after we graduate and acquire all the physical and document requirements. However…

I still got confused on whether I would really push through this. For stability purposes, I decided to have a teaching career at first even though teaching is not my passion. Writing is a passion of mine, but definitely not teaching. Although I think I can do it, I would surely be bored to death. An acting career is attractive to me, and would definitely make me happy (since I always get positive attention by doing this in school), but I think it is too high to reach. A career of being a beautician is good too (I am currently studying Beauty Culture), but I think I would really get bored with the routine and with just waiting for customers who would want to get beautified. I feel like I want to do them all in order to avoid getting bored, but I haven’t even started any of them. I am also afraid that when I start one career path and stick to it, I might not be able to do any other work that I’d love to do.

Therefore, in order to clear up my confusion, I asked my favorite psychic through an e-mail, and this is how our conversation went:

May 29, 2017

Me: Hi Lawrence! This is my June question. What can you say about me working as a flight stewardess?
Him: Hi, flight stewardess would be great for you but you must stick with it because you keep changing your mind about professions.
I don’t think you’re locked into any one profession right now and you’re just exploring ideas.
That job would help you get away from parents and others.
But can you stick to it?
Did you do any research into it?
Do some homework on it.
Don’t just dream it – put it into action.
Think you can work there when you’re 21 :)
Me: My roommate and I have researched it online I guess last week, because she also wants to be a flight stewardess. She was actually the one who told me that I can be a flight stewardess because the minimum height requirement for girls here in our country is 5’2” and I am 5’2”. I liked it because they always put on makeup and I can travel too. By the way I am 21 now. :)) However, they prefer taller girls so I started drinking milk last night and exercising too. I am also going to beauty or derma centers to have facials and underarm whitening to have bigger chances of getting hired. A flight stewardess has to have a nice body and clear complexion and I am far from a model. Just in case I couldn’t get hired, I am already prepared for rejection. What do you think?
Him: Think positive and make sure you want this kind of work.
If you’re determined you can get it, but you need to stick with it period.
You’re 21 now wow I think I knew you at 18:)

I am already preparing for this kind of work, but I also need to reflect on it more. Right now in my life, the main thing that I need is stability. I need to provide for myself because my parents are getting older and they are already finding it hard to support me especially because both my sister and father are ill. I will try getting it first – and if it happens to not suit me later on, I will just let life happen and let my other purposes unfold eventually. Ciao!


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