Perverted Male Cousin (Dream)

Me: My dream last night was very weird. I can only remember a small part of it because it stressed me out in the dream, I guess.

My male cousin (whom in real life I haven’t seen for about ten years now) really wanted to see me naked. I had to undress in my dream because I had to put on another shirt or another bra, but he’s really pestering me and wanting to see my chest. He even wanted to go with me to the fitting room. Other girls also joined me in the fitting room, and I let them because I thought the girls would protect me from my cousin. However, my cousin still saw me when I still had a bra on. He was really annoying. He was really looking at my chest. Then I got angry at my cousin because he saw me with only a bra on. He tried to apologize. I eventually gave him a note that said I forgave him, and that was all I can remember.

Lawrence: My vibes is that you may not want relatives to know everything about you, and that you want to keep secrets to yourself, so you keep relatives away from knowing things about you.

It has nothing to do with being naked or other sexual things.

Hope I helped. :)


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