Beauty Field (Psychic Readings)

November 24, 2016

Me: There was someone, a beautiful girl I know in real life – we were still emotionally distant in my dream (we are only acquaintances) and I admire her beauty in real life and in my dream she smiled at me with her beautiful dimples (that she doesn’t have in real life) and milky smooth face (which is better than in real life). I was intrigued by what that meant. Thanks a lot! You are my friend not my therapist hahaha
Lawrence: Hi A
It basically means you enjoy people who look beautiful to you, man or woman;
It also means that you might get obsessed with how you look to other people and want to show your beautiful smile all the time.
If you studied the fashion field, clothing, makeup, etc. you might enjoy it, you might even enjoy modeling clothes.
If you do nothing you look fine to people:)
Keep a journal of your dreams since you are dreaming more – it’s a good idea.
Me: Thanks for that! I hope someday I can work in the field of beauty. Anyway, what does “if you do nothing you look fine to people” mean?
Lawrence: We’re both online how cute
I have a client arriving so I have to go in a sec
People see you looking attractive to them, talking about even strangers.
Now get some beauty sleep lol

November 7, 2016

Me: My question is, what should I do during the two semesters where I have nothing to do in school? Should I work, take other classes, go to a different city, or rest? What would be the best use of my time? I have already accepted that I won’t be graduating soon and I just try to think that there are other worse things in life than that. There are so many options in my mind but I couldn’t decide and I couldn’t do them all. Thanks!
Lawrence: Hi, this is an easy one
DO NOT WORK, study and use a tutor to help you with thesis.
I get the message to go to beauty school and learn how to make people look beautiful.
That’s the field where you will prosper.
After graduation, you will be ready to work in the beauty field.
That’s the take I get.
Take beauty school somewhere in your area during your free time.
Me: …I was hurt because someone was looking down on my future with beauty, and thinks that conventional jobs are the only right jobs. I feel like I want to prove them wrong. However, there is something that confuses me. You told me that I could be a model for clothes and do acting besides going to beauty school. Which of them should I focus on or am I meant to do them all?
Lawrence: Modeling and beauty are in the same area of looking good.
People are entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean that they are right.
Do what’s best for you – you don’t need anyone’s vibes if they are negative.

April 2, 2017

Me: Hi Lawrence! On Tuesday we will enroll classes. I am torn between Hair Science and Beauty Culture. Can I take Hair Science first?
Lawrence: Hi, my vibes is beauty culture all the way, I would do hair stuff second.
But of course it’s up to you, I’ve told you in a few readings that working in the beauty area would work out for you, but again it’s your choice.
Me: Okay I have decided to take Beauty Culture <3 haha! I’m so excited
Lawrence: Send me pics of when you’re in school and let’s see the new you, it’s the right choice for you is my vibes

(I have Venus in my 2nd house. *wink*)


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