The Philippines in the Sky (Dream)

Me: I dreamt that I was with my mother and we were looking at white dresses for my graduation. These dresses were only worth fifty pesos so I was happy about that and I asked by mother to buy me one. However, she did not want to. And I cannot understand why since the dresses were really cheap and they are exactly what the female graduates here wear. Then, we both went outside (it was already nighttime) in an open space where people were sitting on chairs. I am not sure what the event was, but the night sky has the map of the Philippines on it (instead of moon and stars) and it was very vivid. It was as if the Philippines itself was up there. It was a bit strange. Then, my mother asked me about Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde. I explained to her and she agreed with what I said. Suddenly, there was lightning in the sky and some monkeys and other stuff were jumping in the sky, especially on the Philippine map.

Lawrence: Seeing the Philippines in the sky can mean you want more out of your life while living there
And you can see more opportunities when you see your country in the sky.
Mom not wanting to buy you the dress means she wants to make decisions for you instead of you making decisions, asking about astrology might mean she wants to know more about what you know about it.
I know your mother in life doesn’t know a thing about Mercury retrograde so that’s a weird dream, she knows that word, I think she would just ask about astrology period. Hmmm 


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