My Neptune in 5th House (Astrology)

I have Neptune in the 5th house, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. This placement makes someone see life through rose-colored glasses, and be disillusioned in the matters of creativity and romance. But before I go on to my personal experience of having my natal Neptune in the 5th house, I have to share first what the internet says about this astrological placement. This is Neptune, according to Cafeastrology:
Neptune’s position by house in the natal chart (that is, the house that Neptune occupies in the birth chart) reveals an area of life where we tend to ignore or avoid reality. We attach spirituality to the areas of life ruled by the house. Often, we chase dreams and illusions in these areas of life.

I have it in my fifth house. Fifth house is the house of Leo, the house that rules creativity, romance, children, the inner child, and pleasure. Therefore, when the planet Neptune is placed there, this is how it manifests:

The indulgences will be rather trivial and transient. They will usually involve some kind of make-believe; nor are they likely to be particularly vigorous, still less violent, and they should fascinate temporarily, rather than create any serious interest.
The native whose native is in the fifth house will probably be very curious in the matter of love. He will fall in love with strange and curious people, and he will manifest his affections in a very unusual way. Spirituality of love is particularly indicated in the best cases.
Neptune in the 5th house often has strong acting ability, and this combination also indicates creative talent. The individual is usually highly romantic, and they can be enchanting and seductive as the siren. There is a longing and willingness to abandon the self and be swept away by love, and those with this placement are in love with love. However, the person has to be careful not to place romantic love on unrealistic pedestals or chase unavailable partners, and they often fall in love with the image of someone rather than the real person.
Neptune here can also manifest in the longing to have a child and to feel totally fulfilled. Neptune in this sphere may also suffer disappointment and disillusionment when lovers or even children fail to live up to their dreams. Various people with this combination get themselves involved in unobtainable love affairs, and they can be extremely easy to seduce. Yet, it is said that through sacrifice and suffering the artist emerges.
There are no boundaries where Neptune is placed, and so it is easy for them to enter into the imaginative and make-believe world of a child.

You are an imaginative and creative person with a strong sense of drama. You are inspired by art and feel compelled to express yourself in a fantastic or dramatic manner. You could be an excellent actor. You might also be an especially creative teacher or caregiver, perhaps drawn to helping children with special needs. You have an exceptionally strong need to be appreciated, particularly on romantic and creative levels. Your love life involves a lot of fantasy, and often your deep need for drama can lead you to see things that you want to see. Your romantic perceptions may not be accurate as a result.
And last but not the least, this is the description of Astrolocherry – and it is so far the most descriptive, and maybe accurate, description of the Neptune in the 5th house placement:
With misty Neptune clouding the fifth house of bedazzlement, the individual born under this starry array will seek to lose himself in the swirls of a paintbrush, the lyrics of song, the petals of romance and the ballad of the theatre. He may perceive himself as being an illusive character in the play of life, starring in his own divine showcase, and idealizing everything from love to his own self-image. This is curious mask makeup, role play in sexual fantasy and music written in psychotic states.
His redemption is creativity, art, affection and the trance of blinding lights. He is like a microcosm of the Divine Source, emanating the creative spirit that underpins all material and non material. His inner child is an extension of heaven.
Fifth house Neptune people are soaked in a rainbow bath of delight, hypnotic hallucination, mythical dreamwork and confusion about his own single consciousness. He is skilled at conjuring the riches of romance and experiences trouble attenuating own impulses when it comes to self amusement. The individual’s sense of beguilement in the world and the expression of his own inner child’s laughter symbolizes how he abandons the real world to escape in Neptune reverie and fugue.
Now, this is how I experience it.

Besides having a dominant Libra in my chart, I know that Neptune in the 5th house is also largely responsible for my idealism. I am very drawn to art – art that is kind of optimistic, whimsical, ethereal, and romantic. When listening to music, singing, painting, or acting, I feel very high. I feel like I automatically drown into Neptunian goodness. Through any creative endeavor, I can escape the ugliness of reality and dive into the portals of beauty that Neptune has to offer.

However, this Piscean/Neptunian escapism is not good for the long term. Dwelling too much in reveries and ideals and mental utopias results in procrastination and disasters in real life. With this placement, (perhaps also because of my Saturn in Pisces), it is so easy to fall back into my inner world, in my locked room, and be a hermit. It is very, very easy to get lost in dreams and illusions and not set out to make them a reality anymore. It’s good to connect to our own inner spiritual world, but sometimes, for the Neptune in the 5th person, the line between reality and fantasy gets blurry. The person can easily get deluded by his fantasies.

This is especially true in the romance department. I have been with men who are a bit “hopeless.” What I mean by that is that they are the complete opposite of the practical and highly ambitious Saturn – they are the hopeless, drunk, and destroyed kind of Neptune but thanks to my Neptune in the 5th house, I was so blinded when I fell in love with each of them. I saw each of them as different kinds of Greek gods, but in reality they were parasites and dependents who don’t have ambition, are not letting themselves get out of their victim mentality, paying more attention to temporary pleasures rather than their studies and potential careers, and are not having the ability to give me and my future children a bright future.

There is also something obviously wrong with me, since I can’t see my past lovers (or maybe even present and future lovers) for who they really are. That’s how Neptune works in the 5th house. I keep thinking that they are better than what they really are, and that they can still improve despite being unable to show that they want to be better versions of themselves. I am also very curious in romance. It’s strange how I think that every fling or relationship that I had is a different fairy tale every time. Yes, Neptune is crazy in that way. Because I have even involved myself with unavailable men: one is a very handsome man (but rotten inside, I’m sorry) who had a girlfriend at that time, while the other is a married British Arab who wanted me to become his second wife. Any sensible woman would steer clear of any man who’s taken, but I was still seduced. My Neptune in the 5th loved the mystery, secrecy, and challenge. However, in the end, I was still left heartbroken – which just made me drown deeper into the Neptunian madness.

Recently, what breaks my heart every time is being ghosted every now and then. However, I try to pretend that ghostings are not traumatic for me because they’d think that I was desperate. All I want is a serious relationship. Unfortunately, uncertainties in the romance department really distract me from the reality that I should be facing right now. I should be focused on finishing my research, studying more, and just planning my future career. However, when someone knocks on the door of my heart (this is getting corny), my Neptune in the 5th is just so curious about what might happen, what kind of world would be opened to me by this person, and so on. I just can’t get enough of romance. Although it confuses me (Neptune is also the planet of confusion), I still get happy sometimes because of my own fantasies and delusions.

And that is my Neptune in the 5th House. :)


  1. I can totally relate with you. I have this placement and it kinda sucks. I always fall for the wrong guys and keep running away from reality. :/


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