Men of the Zodiac

Disclaimer: I am not an astrologer, so this post is only based on my personal observations and experiences. Again, these are just my opinions, so you can choose to not take this seriously ;)

Aries Man

Enrique Gil. image:
(I haven’t had many interactions with Aries men so I don’t know what to say about them yet.)

Taurus Man

Onemig Bondoc. image: www.imgrum/user/jolinapopicon
The Taurus man is usually very handsome, but also very stubborn that it can get annoying. Out of all the Taurus men I have known, I only get along well with two of them. He will always insist on what he thinks is right, and will disregard your opinion even though you’re also right. He wants to control things. Rarely open-minded. The older and intelligent ones can be open-minded and accepting, but Taurus men are usually set on what they believe is right. He can also be too prideful and arrogant, and never ever admit his (obvious) mistakes. However, when he is in his pleasant, Venusian mood, he is nice to be with. Beauty is very important for him. This man can be very loyal, loving, stable, and sensual - in short, the perfect man, if you are okay with his stubbornness. Also, since they are stubborn, if a Taurus man likes you, he really likes you. Even if you reject him, he will pretend that you did not reject him and will still pursue you. A Taurus man may also think that he is handsomer than he really is.

Gemini Man
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They are very talkative and fun to be with. However, almost all Gemini men I know cheat. They also lie, and make up stuff just to impress you and feel that you are inferior to them. They are tricksters and when you are with them, you don’t always see or hear the truth. They also love to gossip.

Cancer Man
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These men are very sweet and emotional. They can really baby you. You’d fall in love with how they nurture you. They nurture the people that they love, but sometimes I think that that’s also how they seduce someone. As you form a relationship with them, most of the time they’re still thinking about their ex. They may be in love with their ex even though they’re with another woman already. And when you become their ex, they may try to come back to you many times even though for you it’s really over. When they make a mistake or something goes wrong, they use this form of manipulation wherein you would always look like the bad guy and that you should always feel sorry for them, even though they are the ones in the wrong. They’re manipulative in that way. They would turn around the situation and they get away with their mistakes by making you feel sorry for them. However, I think a higher-evolved Cancer man can really make you feel loved and protected more than any other sign. He can smother and baby you and melt you every time.

Leo Man
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Leo men are very charming. Women like them. They want a woman that they can show off to other people. However, when people make up rumors about you that are not true in order to turn him off, he will really drop you in a minute because he doesn’t want to be infected with the “bad” reputation that you have. And when you become prettier in the years to come, he will remind people that you have been together just so he can perfume his name even though he has hurt you in the past.

Virgo Man
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A mature Virgo man is very trustworthy and reliable. He is looking for the woman that he can be with forever. So far, I love the energy of all the Virgo men that I have known, since they love to help, they want you to improve, they want the best for you, and he is a problem-fixer. They also have that mysterious aura, but a bit different from the aura of a Scorpio man. It's a reliable but mysterious aura.

Libra Man
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Libra men are charming, and are often the “pretty boys.” Most of the time, they have mastered the art of seduction. They will seduce you and you’d think that they wanted to have a serious relationship with you. And when you have fallen for their trap, they can just vanish and be mean to you. They can be really ruthless playboys (or fuck boys) underneath the sweet boy-next-door fa├žade. Also, they can be vainer than you! I got to know a Libra man once and I thought he was vainer than me (I am a Libra girl). They can also be very narcissistic when it comes to their attractiveness to the opposite sex. They can act all nice and charming when they want to attract you, and they can just treat you like trash if they decided they don’t want you anymore that you may wonder if everything that happened was all an act.

Scorpio Man
Coco Martin.
They are attractive men with a mysterious aura. Sometimes, even though you know that they are playing you, you’d still want to be consumed by those hungry eyes. There’s just something magnetic about him. He doesn’t say a lot. And he always seems to understand whatever problems you have.

Sagittarius Man

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They don’t usually like to commit. They like to dabble on many women at once. It’s hard to make them commit to you, but when they do – uhm…they still would cheat on you. If they are really in love with you, he may just use other women for sex. But it’s still cheating. I think they’re good people deep down inside, but they can’t resist temptation. The Sagittarius man also loves to teach. Therefore, his ego might be bruised when you are smarter than him, when he can’t understand what you say, and when you have a better educational background than him. He hates feeling dumb. He may get hurt and defensive if you accidentally make him feel dumb.

Capricorn Man
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I think the Capricorn man is the most serious and reliable of them all. If he wants you, he really wants you. What you see is what you get with this guy. He might prioritize building himself up at first, and might leave you if he still feels insufficient enough or not yet ready to be the father of your children.

Aquarius Man

Marvin Agustin. image:

They are very great friends to have around. However, I don’t think they really know how to handle a relationship very well. If you are their girlfriend, they will treat you very differently from their friends. Their love for you is conditional while their love for their friends is unconditional. They can be bad and nasty to you while being angelic in front of their friends. Therefore, when you reveal how nasty they were to you, nobody may believe you. Instead, they’d think that there’s something wrong with you because Mr. Aquarius is very friendly to everyone. I kind of think that they lack the emotional depth that is needed in a committed relationship. However, they are usually very loyal when committed, unless you are dealing with the kind of Aquarius man that has no conscience.

Pisces Man
Gerald Anderson. image:

What I am about to say about Pisces men may not be that reliable since I only had one Pisces men whom I interacted with, and that was my former suitor. Pisces men are very sensitive that it’s really annoying. Even more annoying than Cancer men when they get moody. They can say something offensive to you without considering your feelings. But when you retort with an equally offensive remark, he can throw a temper tantrum, suddenly block you, and then beg for your forgiveness. He has a bit of a feminine temperament which can disappoint women sometimes. It can also feel like he doesn’t know what he wants. He can pursue you, control and manipulate you a bit, and not hear from him for a week or two. When you finally get tired or his flakiness and femininity, he would make you feel like a bad person for “hurting” him.


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