Sweet Candy Teddy Bears (Dream)

I had a very sweet dream.

My dream is very long but I can only remember one part of it. I dreamt that some people were making sweets in front of us (I was with my family), but they don’t look like sweets. They are sweets but they look like everyday objects. Then, what wowed me was when I saw someone make sweets that look like an actual teddy bear with fur. It looks yummy, and it’s amazing how you can eat the teddy bear with all that fur. There are still other kinds of sweets with all realistic shapes and forms. My sister and I planned that we would buy these kinds of sweets for our Mama and Papa secretly so we can surprise them.

I searched the internet for the possible interpretations of two of the symbols found in my dream:


To see or eat sweets in your dream represent indulgence, sensuality, and forbidden pleasure. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure and the dream is a way for you to reward yourself. Alternatively, the dream symbol is a metaphor for your sweetie or the special someone in your life. (Dream Moods)

Sweets represent just that – the sweet. They can represent affection or experiences that we find precious and valued. When life becomes too serious with everyday stress such as worries of your job or paying bills, your mind may dream of eating sweets as a release of the daily pressures of life. It may be your mind’s way of telling you to slow down and enjoy what you love – family, friends, or a hobby. Some people who are very focused on what they want might dream of eating sweets as a way to remind them that while they can remain focused to achieve their dreams, they can also take a little time out to enjoy the sweeter things in life. (Analyse Dreams)

Teddy Bear

Teddy, in a dream, might occur as a sign of goodwill to you which can be defined as the symbol of happiness, trust, and protection. Seeing a teddy in a dream, gifting a teddy, or receiving it as a gift are all scenarios that one way or another represents trust, companionship and security. (Aunty Flo)

To dream of a teddy bear suggests a need to be comforted and cared for. You may be reminiscing about earlier times in your life when things were less complicated and you had more security. (edreaminterpretation)

To dream of a teddy bear represents emotional dependency. A belief in something that comforts you, make you feel safe, or gives you a sense of security and reassurance. Something may scare you, depress you, or make you feel powerless if you ever lost it or had to give it up. Needing to feel good about having something at all times. (Dream Bible)

To dream of receiving or seeing a teddy bear is indicative of your inner self. Some event or person has caused you to regress to childhood. You may be feeling lost. You can find no comfort in companionship. You are searching for someone to take care of you. It may also be nothing more than a pleasant childhood memory. (Dream Forth)

I also e-mailed my psychic friend and this is his interpretation of my dream:

Lawrence: Hi, not much there. The sweets could be a need to be loved. And sweets give you a feeling of a craving to eat sweets. Best, Lawrence xx

In my dream what I felt was that I really craved to eat those sweets, but I’d give them to my parents instead so I can make them feel happy. I don’t actually know what it is in my real life that caused me to dream of this since I don’t remember longing for someone or something. Well, maybe it’s because I sometimes think of my ex-boyfriend of almost two years and I missed that feeling of having someone love and care for you. It was a really good time in my teenage years. Yes, perhaps I just missed having a relationship. Or perhaps I missed my sister’s dog. Unfortunately, love is not what I want to focus on right now. ;)



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