Schooling in an Airplane (Dream)

Me: I dreamt that a plane was waiting for me while I was picking a beautiful navy blue cup. When I got on the plane, it came back to where I was to wait for a late passenger. I went out and then I picked another very beautiful cup again with water on it and let the plane wait for me. I threw away the water to have the pretty cup for myself.

The people in the plane were people I know but are not very close to me: ex-classmates, distant friends, professors. I was sitting between my two male college professors and I was sleeping on the shoulder of one of them as if he was my father. And he doesn’t mind it. One of my arms was also hugging him as if he were my parent.

There were chitchats that happened that I couldn’t remember, but there was a guy who was a bit weird for the people there. However, he had some intelligent insights that caught my attention. Then he gave me a curious stare out of the blue, and I looked at him too. I was searching for his eyebrows underneath his thick hair, and when I found out where his eyebrows are, I feel like I like him. His eyebrows were so dark, thick, and polished that he looks so smart. However, he already got out of the plane because I think we already reached his home.

Lawrence: Hi
Kinda means you still in school with more than one teacher.
And you meet another student in one of their classes and you like that person. It’s that simple.
Other people in the class have no meaning to you they’re just there.
The new guy is the search again for a boyfriend.
Best, L


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