My Elusive Career Path (Psychic Readings)

June 4, 2014

Me: Sorry for the silly question but how’s my sex appeal?
Him: Hi Anthea, your question is not silly.
I checked you out, you have a great sensual look, I’m sure you get hit on all the time J
You should try things related to acting, modeling.

December 24, 2014

Me: (asking a question about my dream)
Him: Hi, he wasn’t dressed as a wizard so he’s not a wizard at all even if it popped into your mind, it’s more to do with not liking members of your family tree and not wanting to be part of their lives really.
That’s my vibes on it, you should just be a famous actress in America J
Let me know if I helped
Happy Xmas
Me: Well I’d love to lol. Can I be a famous actress in America?
Him: Study acting and you will succeed. Take an acting workshop.

February 28, 2015

Me: What was my intention for coming to earth? What was my pre-birth intention? Can you tell me what that is specifically? Or if they are many, can you tell me what they are? Thank you so much for your answer.
Him: My vibes for you, you might want to work in communication area, which also includes acting, interior decorating, modeling, etc. Your soul likes to be alone a lot but also likes attention in small spurts.
Take acting class is the message I get, don’t worry if you’re shy,
You will enjoy it is my vibes. Your soul needs attention that’s positive.
Try it.
Let me know how it goes.

March 3, 2015

Me: Hi Lawrence J Thank you so much for your answer. Your answer really resonated with me J I’d love to be a star!
Him: Take an acting class somewhere and just go for it if you can.
You can do it
I have faith in you

April 30, 2015

Me: (question)
Him: My vibes is of course you can become like Britney but you need to sign up for acting classes, creative writing classes, etc etc. The problem I see is PROCRASTINATION. The successful women in life didn’t care what others thought of them. They just went for the success because they were able to FOCUS on that alone. If you focus on envy then I don’t think success like theirs is in the plans for you. Move on and try to just focus on you.

May 14, 2016

Me: Hi! I remember you telling me for the past year that I will enjoy acting. This Saturday, we will be performing on a stage. It will be a contest. And I will play a character that is important, a character that screams and leads and cries and gets angry. I know that it’s my time to shine but how do I do it? I have self-esteem problems.
Him: Hi, acting is so good for you. You will get through it, just follow directions and you will be fine on stage.
Me: We got 2nd place!!! <3
Him: Yes, you’re on the way. Acting is great for you. Keep it up, it has good rewards for you.

June 2, 2016

Me: My sister and I ran into our grade school teacher earlier. We missed each other and I missed my childhood in our little school back then. I also told her that I might apply for a teaching job at my former school. She liked it and said that I can definitely teach there! She said that they will immediately accept me after I graduate, and even before I pass the board exams for teachers. They want me there because I graduated there and because they already know my personality. They are really kind.  I’m sorry for asking another question but in your own opinion, is teaching the right path for me?
Him: The only problem I see there is that you might wonder too much what students think of you. Teaching is great if you can avoid worrying about other people and what they might think of you in class.
I still like acting for you, that feels good also.
Let me know if I helped. Mahalo

July 1, 2016

Me: I had a very bad dream last night about escaping from people who are pressuring me to take drugs but they have a strong hold on me. They are close people to me, although I do not recognize them now that I am awake. What could that mean?
Him: Hi A. Well that could mean you might be offered drugs from the wrong people who are going down the wrong road. Make sure you stay with people who don’t do drugs, they destroy their body and mind. Take some acting classes and have fun on stage, you can always escape in your mind to anywhere you want to be. Google astral travel – you can see videos of it on Youtube. Let me know if you like the journey

October 15, 2016

Me: Hello. Am I meant to do different things in this lifetime? I mean career-wise or service to the world? Or if not, what should be my main focus? What is my soul meant to learn here?
Him: You need to be around things related to entertainment. Acting, feels like you would get the attention you need. You’re not a 9 to 5 office worker. But I get the vibes you will be with someone who has money in life so you will be okay J Doesn’t matter if you’re shy, just take a class in it and see how it goes for you. You need people to pay attention to you.

October 17, 2016

Me: Hi it’s my birthday I just finished celebrating it with my friend by singing in the karaoke. Am I permitted to have another question? Because I want to know whether I have a future in singing. I love the attention given to me by people whenever I sing :D
Him: Hi A, Happy Birthday. Yes you won another free question. So you’re 21 now, I see J The same attention when you sing that you love would also be in acting as friends watch you perform later. You’re still so young so you may be shy about it but take a class somewhere down the road.


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