Asteroid Medusa (149) in my 1st House/Ascendant

Medusa…is an outraged woman, a dark anger, a healing elixir, a poisonous venom, a beauty that stands alone. Kim Falconer

In this post, I am going to share my personal experiences in having Medusa in my 1st house or near my ascendant. As you all know, I am no astrologer. But like many people, I understand certain planets, aspects, or placements when I personally have them or when I observe them in other people that I interact with. Earlier as I was researching, and even right now as I am writing this, I cannot breathe easily. My chest is really heavy. This happens to me when I delve into the energies of Scorpio, Pluto, Lilith, and now, Medusa. Medusa is so heavy and intense. With my Lilith in the 10th house and my Medusa in the 1st house, some people look at me like I’m a bitch, slut, or a woman who doesn’t deserve the attention that she gets from men. I am not exactly sure if these asteroids when prominent in one’s chart attract jealousy but I get hated just for having these asteroids in my persona or public image. However, I think I know now what the difference between Lilith and Medusa is: Lilith is just a bitch who doesn’t like to be subjugated (and has a bad rep for that), while Medusa has a deep rage, hatred, and anger because of being subjugated by men (or a man). Medusa, formerly very beautiful with a striking hair, was punished by Athena into being a monster for being raped by Neptune. Sounds familiar? Yes – Medusa is the oppressed feminine, a victim blamed for what has happened to her. And she was still demonized for having this rage of hers. And honestly speaking, while I was researching about Medusa, I’ve been feeling outraged for everything that men have done to me (that I did not deserve, of course). It’s a bit like Medea (which is also on my 1st house), but we will only talk about Medusa for now. *wink*

We all know about Medusa, a female gorgon with a salacious tongue and a head of twining snakes, who’s such a fright that mere humans turn to stone the moment they lay eyes on her gloriously gruesome, terrifying flesh. (Day Keeper Journal)
Before and After

Having Medusa in my 1st house (the house of appearance or visible personality) makes sense for me. I have black, curly hair that form into ringlets. I have been called Medusa when I was in grade school, but people don’t hate my hair; instead, they like touching the snakes in my head lol. And I also have a stare that can intimidate, terrify, or even attract people. I am not sure if it’s because of Scorpionic influences in me (Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Scorpio) but my mother is definitely terrified of my eyes. I thought they were lovely but she said they were not. Sometimes my gazes were accused of being “evil” even when there’s actually nothing that goes on in my head. But the Medusa stare cannot be denied when I am actually angry.

Sometimes I actually feel like a Medusa incarnate when I sink into lower emotions. And some men in my life have definitely been stung by the Medusa in me.

And while most women with Medusa ascendants feel that they can stun men with their gaze, this is not actually perceived as a blessing. The Medusa women might be hated for their attractiveness. And they may be a bit lonely as they can sometimes terrify people without doing anything.
For some, Medusa can show where you pay for the bad choices you didn’t necessarily make or that weren’t completely your fault, much like the second way the story is told with Medusa being punished after being raped. If that was the case, it certainly wasn’t her fault, but Athena unleashes her wrath anyway. How often do we still punish the victim of crimes and abuse? How often do we punish children for the sins of their parents? (Astrology Weekly)

It may play out in a way wherein you would be demonized for having men fawning over you. I am not saying that I have a loooong queue of men vying for my attention. It’s just that I have lots of experiences wherein men pursue me (instead of the other way around) but I am still seen as the slut. I am not sure why that is though. It might be the subtle Medusa energy, or the negative potentials of Medusa that can still be felt even if they are not acted upon. Medusa, while it likes to attract men, has hidden rage or hostility against men which may be because of negative experiences with men like being played with, used, objectified, etc.  
The myth says something very profound about the sacred feminine. Certainly, Medusa embodies the outrage of subjugated women over millenniums of time. She is raped, angry and poisonous with a stare of fixed rage. Any man who sees the “gorgon” in a woman is instantly turned into stone. (Kim Falconer)
According to astrologer Ami Anne, this is the Medusa rising woman:
She teases men with her beauty and then makes them pay/punishes them for desiring her.

I have seen other comments of other women with Medusa in their ascendants in astrology blogs and forums and they have admitted that they really do what Ami Anne has mentioned above. Maybe unconsciously. Because I do it too! Lol. Not that I am proud of it – it’s bad behavior. I like it when I get male attention but when they finally go near me, get to know me, or want me for themselves, I instinctively despise them. Sometimes, I feel objectified for some weird reason. And I had to be mean to other suitors otherwise they won’t stop “pestering” me. And then, I suddenly become Medusa in their eyes. Therefore, Miss Ami Anne is right that Medusa ascendant women most of the time “turn men into stone” for desiring them.

Okay, people might really have a reason for getting scared of Medusa women. But since it’s in their 1st house, they’re really unconscious of their effects on others. Sometimes it’s not their fault. Other times, they might just have sacred feminine wounds that have to be healed first. Like astrologer Ami Anne said, these women are a TEASE, so beware. Unevolved or unhealed Medusa women might lead you on and then reject you cruelly afterwards. I confirm that this is true because I have definitely done it, and am trying my best to avoid these negative tendencies. 



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  2. What would make you not reject/despise a guy when he gets close to you?
    (I"m asking as I like this girl and she does exactly what you've described - her Medusa is on her ASC). Thank you.

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you for making me reflect on it. :)) Uhm perhaps when he shows his sincerity, or when I sense his pure intentions. Because usually, when I reject/despise a guy, it is because he has done something hurtful to me, has critiqued me based on society's standards for an ideal woman (makes me really feel objectified), or I may have felt that I am wanted for my sexuality alone even if that's not really the case. Or if the guy is very fickle, beats around the bush, maybe tries to manipulate me too. But most of the time, it happens when instead of just getting to know me on a soul level, he makes me feel like I am wanted in a sexual way, or that I would eventually just be an arm candy. I guess I have been taken advantage of in the past, wanted for my sexuality instead of my heart, that when I feel like it's about to happen again, I automatically reject a man. I don't know if it's the same with the girl you like though. :)

  3. Ahthea,

    Thanks so much for your insights. Very much appreciated :)

  4. you are truly beautyful, and as you sad, your eyes are stunning <3


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