A Japanese Dream

Me: Hi Lawrence J I dreamt that we were all inside a mall. However, my group of friends was scattered. I told people that together with my friend, Bia, I would go home late. I told them that my parents were currently having a honeymoon and my sister is with her friends and can’t go with me. I was in danger of going home alone at night.

Then I saw my two (physically) beautiful classmates from grade school. One of them became really tall that it’s not normal. She was like a skyscraper. Both of them massaged my foot while I have my socks on, and it felt really weird. Not only did it feel strange physically, but I felt like something was wrong. I felt like my feet were drowning without water. Then, words from a a Japanese legend or old tale were suddenly in front of me, saying that Hokage (a name of a Japanese man in my dream) used to drown someone’s face in some kind of a basin. And I saw a basin full of water in my dream. It sounds silly but I was terrified. My two former classmates who were doing something nasty to my feet suddenly transformed to Japanese girls. It was creepy. And I remember wanting to escape from them.

Lawrence: Hi
It might mean be more aware of who really are your friends.
Wanting to escape from friends are not real friends.
See you in your next dream J


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