Planets and Asteroids in My 1st House or Ascendant (Persona, Image)

All of the info here are gotten from the astrologer Ami Ann, probably my second favorite astrologer after Wayman Stewart of Astrology Arena. Miss Ami Ann, through her articles in her website, has opened the world of asteroids for me. And since many interesting asteroids were in my first house, I decided to list the planets and asteroids that influence my persona. Most asteroids are attractive and beautiful, but I also have the most annoying and dark ones – which makes sense since nobody is purely positive and light. And I agree with the descriptions Miss Ami Ann has written below (they are all from, and I have only compiled them):

ASC in Virgo

Emma Watson is a classic example of a Virgo ASC female :)

This ASC has a clean look. I know this is hard to describe but the person looks as if they have themselves in good repair, down to the smallest details. They have a clean kind of beauty which is hard to describe. It is not a voluptuous beauty [not at all. Lol] but a harmonious one. This ASC may be a germ phobic, or germ conscious, at least. They may have a medicine chest filled with all sorts of potions for ailments. They may be critical of themselves and others.


One may be chatty. One may be friendly and inclusive of others. One may help others open up as one would have an easy and friendly manner. At a party, this native may be having an interesting conversation about any manner of things as this native would have a wide breadth of knowledge. The native would ask questions about others which would help others to open up about themselves.


Chiron is the planet of pain. Chiron conjunct the ascendant will be bullied, in the cases I have seen (there are a small number of cases in which this has not happened, but it is a small number). My theory as to why this Chiron placement is bullied is that many, many people respond to pain with meanness…I think Chiron conjunct the ascendant is one of the hardest aspects, bar none.


Vesta is someone who does service for others from a pure heart. Think of a seeing eye dog. I don’t know why this came to me. A dog is not a person, but a seeing eye dog embodies the traits of the Vesta person. Vesta gives not to get, but truly to give. Think of a woman who would offer her womb to another woman who could not have a child, as does a surrogate mother. This would embody Vesta, too.

If Vesta conjuncts the ASC, one is devoted to helping others, selflessly.


Keyword: Wisdom, such as tribal elder wisdom

Pallas can be understood by picturing the tribal elders. The wisdom of the community was thought to reside in them, to a large extent. As such, the trait of wisdom and wise counsel is exemplified by Pallas.

Pallas represents a person on whom one can depend for advice. Pallas is someone whom you could call when you are in a very, very difficult situation. They could reach out their hand and help to lead you out!


Circe is the magnetic, utterly fascinating and seductive witch.  I think of Anne Boleyn when I think of Circe. She bewitched Henry the 8th. He had her beheaded for the crime of being a witch. Of course, this does not happen to those of us with prominent Circe placements.

Circe has a magical kind of charisma. Literature wise, I would say Scarlett O’Hara embodies Circe [maybe that’s why I LOVE her!]. If you have a prominent Circe, you will be magical and charismatic, too. A prominent Circe would be conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, MC, Venus, Mars or the Moon.


This native is a charming and beautiful person. Beauty is fleeting if the person opens her mouth and is a priggish bore. Beauty must be inner, too, if it is to have any lasting appeal (even more than five minutes). Aphrodite is as elegant as a Greek goddess. Picture Princess Di. Picture Grace Kelly. They had the Aphrodite vibe.


Keyword: Tease

Very seductive and sultry but has a malevolent hidden agenda. Beware.

I have seen this in the chart of a female. She was beautiful but had a history of jealousy from other women. She hated men for wanting her, but she wanted them to want her. She teased and led men on. Then, when they responded, she cut them off. This is the story of medusa, minus the turning men to stone.


Keywords: Erotic in a literary way

Sappho is Eros with a book in her hands. Think Marilyn Monroe in her glasses. Sappho is sexy, but it is more of a cerebral or arty kind of sexiness. This may be not be a “beauty and grace” aspect, per se, but it is a good asteroid to know, so all your Virgos, restrain yourselves.


One may use his eroticism to seduce, but will not have his heart involved. (Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”)

If you fall in love with a Cupido, don’t trust them. They can look like they care, while they are scheming to date the chick across the room. Cupido is the LOOK of love. Remember the word LOOK.

Adonis (Conjunct Sun)

If you want charisma out the whazzoo, make sure you come back as an Adonis conjunct the ascendant a la Donald Trump. Adonis conjunct the Sun, Mars and the MC would do the same.

Lilith (in 10th House or Midheaven)

Keywords: Hot/sexy in a wild way

Lilith conjunct the MC natives may not be quite as sexy as the Lilith conjunct the Ascendant ones. However, they are sexy enough! The difference is that they seem to be more embarrassed by the attention. [You got it right! I don’t like attention, even if it’s positive, having a Virgo ASC]


Keywords: Strikes back much WORSE than the original betrayal

The asteroid Medea is about love lost and revenge. It is not a story with a happy ending. It is a story that ends as badly as it begins. Hence, a person with a prominent Medea may take great revenge when scorned.

Eris (exactly conjunct the ASC)

Isn't she just annoyingly up to no good?

Ever know someone who is exceedingly annoying but had no idea about it? (…) Eris is an erratic energy. It has the vibe of a buzzing mosquito, a dog incessantly barking or a baby crying.

The Asteroid Eris reminds me of Steve Urkel. This person has an annoying feeling about them. If you ever heard a sound that annoyed you and would not stop or a mosquito that buzzed near your face, that is the feeling of Eris.

The person with a strong Eris will have the quality of trying to pick fights. Then, the person may exit the fight and sit on the sidelines laughing. The Eris person will have a strange adherence to causes, too. This person will jump in where angels fear to tread. This can be good but with the Eris person, it is usually more of the same impotent flailing. If they get into a cause, they will probably bring down more trouble on an organization than help.


Pholus explodes what it touches. These natives make a SPLASH. If the room is white, they seem to be bright red. If the room is maroon, they seem to be persimmon. 

In case of Pholus conjunct the ascendant, one cannot ignore these natives. I have been watching “Fuller House”. The Spanish man, Fernando, who is married to Kimmie seems like a Pholus conjunct ASC native to me. When he comes into the room, the room kind of explodes like a fireworks display. Is this a bad thing? I would not want to have it myself. The Pholus conjunct the ASC native does not have a choice in the matter of making a splash. That which conjuncts our ascendant is seen by others and FELT by oneself.



  1. I am so honored you shared these things and you were blessed by them


  2. I am so honored you shared these things and you were blessed by them


    1. Hi Ami! I'm so glad I found your blog, I enjoy reading your posts :) Before I read your blog I only knew Chiron and Lilith, I was really amazed when I learned about other asteroids through you.. much love xx


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