Natural Beauty = Health & Happiness

A few years ago, I posted a blog about natural beauty. I don’t know what happened to it now, maybe I deleted it, maybe not, but it’s because my perspective about natural beauty changes throughout the years. When I was about fourteen or fifteen, I disapproved of girls who wear cosmetics and alter their appearances with chemicals, commercial products, etc. I was so stuck up. Then, when I was seventeen, I started using stuff that made me look fairer, cleaner, and a lot different from what I looked like naturally. I started using BB creams, hair dyes, whitening soaps, etc. and people told me I looked better. That’s when my perspective about natural beauty changed. I started thinking that women who stand by natural beauty are hypocrites (I’m really sorry, that was my mindset before L) because there is no such thing as natural beauty and everything can be improved if you would want it.

I am twenty-one now. I am still young, I have learned some little things in life, but my perspective about natural beauty changed again – and I would probably stick to this belief now. For five years (starting from when I was seventeen until now), my daily life was filled with maintenance of my “artificial” beauty (for lack of a better word). I was so afraid of going back to my natural appearance. Because when I like something, I stick to it until I start believing that I don’t want it anymore – for example, my brown dyed hair. My natural hair is jet black (because I am a Filipina) which makes my features look really strong. Brown hair suited me and made me look softer and more feminine. And because of that, I always dye my hair just so the blackness of my hair won’t show. Now that it’s dry and damaged, I regret dyeing my hair constantly and now I want to go back to the shiny, curly, black hair that my parents or ancestors have given me.

About two years ago, my life changed drastically and it forced me to change my lifestyle. It even forced me to cut off ties with several people whom I thought were my friends. Social and academic stress made me very sick and unhealthy that I started looking older and tired. My face also looked so rough and full of blemishes that I cover with a BB cream. Luckily, I found out about liver detoxification with the use of mainly olive oil. The liver flush method that I use is by Andreas Moritz. By doing that and flushing lots and lots and lots of cholesterol stones from my body, paired with putting on sunflower oil (now rosehip oil) on my face and leaving it overnight, my family noticed that my face became smoother and clearer. I also tried veganism which did not last long because I am still a student, but through research and bodily instincts (and even dreams of cockroaches coming from my mouth), I now lean towards cleaner and healthier food. I may not be a strict vegan but I have developed an appetite for vegetables, especially the greens.

Exercising also did lots of good things to me. But since I am a busy person, I sometimes just do yoga or meditation when I don’t have time for sweaty exercise. But if possible, sweating is really good. For me, I notice that my skin is clearer and I have less acne when I sweat everyday through exercise.

And because of desperation to achieve a clean and clear face, I tried peeling my face with a chemical peel. I stopped doing it after I have achieved my desired results. Because of that I have found out that with my oily skin, peeling and exfoliation is good once in a while because the dead skin cells and dirt, mixed with the oil that my face produces so much, results in unsightly pimples. Now my face is smoother and fairer that I don’t already need to put BB cream on my face every day. Wherever I go, I am already fine with a sunscreen and an oil film. Now that I can bare my face to the whole world even if I just woke up, I started believing in natural beauty again.

Of course, it would not be complete without serenity and contentment inside one’s heart. I admit that I was really a bad girl when I was younger. I was full of prejudices and I thought the world was against me. It turns out that I just lacked understanding of other people and I was so insecure of myself. What helped me understand people was my quest to understand myself. Ever since I was a little girl, I was already so attracted to personality tests and zodiac signs because they tell stuff about people. I sought to understand myself first which might seem narcissistic to some people. Everything that I tried to figure out was about me. However, it was a necessary step because we understand other people through our own experiences. College has taught me a lot about understanding people since I major in Literature and History – therefore, I am forced to understand people individually and collectively. Another thing that helped me with my spiritual growth is my quest for spirituality. I jumped from religion to religion until I landed on the New Age spirituality which I felt is just right for me. I am just not so comfortable with rituals or traditions. I am comfortable with emotional detoxifications, internal conquests, and a lack of dogmatic attitude because that is so old school. I love auras, spirits, other dimensions, extraterrestrials, intuition, and stuff like that. I am also drawn to Wicca (I actually think I had been a witch in a past life, but I am not sure) but something about it just drags my energy levels down.

Anyway, what I am trying to say overall is that what is inside will definitely show on the outside. That means, maintaining a clean and healthy body will definitely show through our skin and body, and maintaining a peaceful and happy attitude about life with radiate through us and people can definitely pick up on that. There are some people who are blessed with physical beauty that can have something about them that feels off, dark, or unattractive. But there are some people who are just so plain looking but everyone is convinced that they are so handsome or beautiful. Natural beauty is the combination of health and an attractive aura or energy. When people perceive kindness, gentleness, or beauty from inside of us, they tend to see us as beautiful. And that is what I have learned about true beauty throughout the years. Therefore, “beauty is skin deep” does not ring true for me anymore. Because as within, so without. Have a beautiful day. :)


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