Mystery Guy (Dream)

Me: Hi Lawrence! I just woke up two hours ago, and I dreamt that my female cousin who’s about my age introduced me to her guy friend. I knew from her facial expressions that she wanted him to know me particularly. Then I remembered in the dream what you said about a friend or family member introducing me to someone I really like – and so I wondered inside my dream, “Is it him?” Things were kind of awkward at first but overall it was a sweet dream. What could this mean?

Lawrence: Hi Anthea
Yes, it can mean you might meet someone new through a friend, a family member, etc. and that you might have a strong attraction for this person; I think when you have chemistry your hormones take over, you might want to get physical, that’s in your DNA.
I don’t think you will become a nun at the church lol.
Just be careful with how much you get involved with someone new.
Let’s see what happens in the near future with this dream of yours.


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