Double Rainbow

Back in December 2016, my best friend and I saw a double rainbow. It was right after our final exams – we were shopping in the city and the moment that we went out of the building, a beautiful rainbow was right before us. We were like, “Wow, a rainbow!” And then seconds later, “Wow, there’s one more!” We were so amazed. My friend told me that it means good luck because Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, had a double rainbow on her back the moment she came back to the Philippines with her crown. She also told me that the moment we both saw the double rainbow, she felt in her heart that good things are bound to happen.

Before I share the meanings of the double rainbow that I found out on the internet, I just want to say that I think seeing the double rainbow together with my best friend is a bit significant. The moment that we got to know each other, we became inseparable like twins. Sure, we also have our moments of misunderstandings and challenges in our friendship, but I think this friendship is a bit fated. Back in 2013 and 2014, I always told her that maybe we were twins or siblings in our past life. I don’t know why I said it – I don’t usually say this to other people. Or perhaps it was a flash of intuition because…

Lately, I looked at our synastry and composite charts. In our composite chart, we have a Libra ascendant which probably explains why it is very harmonious when we are together and we seem to look pretty together. No kidding, no exaggeration, people tell us that when we are together J. Plus, our composite moon is conjunct our composite ascendant which indicates a loving and nurturing relationship (yep, we are each other’s safe haven). Meanwhile, our synastry chart revealed something very karmic. My friend’s SUN is conjunct my South Node so I was right when I told her that we were connected in our past lives. It might be a father-child relationship, or a brotherly relationship. If you would ask me, I think it was brotherly. It feels better. And it didn’t take long for us to adjust to each other as roommates or best friends probably because we have already known each other before. Also, my Venus is conjunct her North Node. However, this does not signify a “romantic” relationship for us, maybe just a very close and harmonious “feminine” friendship. This is the kind of friendship that I love because it is heading towards beauty, comfort, and serenity. Unlike other South Node contacts that that hold people back, I think people with both South Node and North Node contacts are destined to be in this lifetime without holding each other back because while the past life connection may provide comfort and familiarity, the North Node contacts have something to look forward to in this life. The moment I saw the synastry and composite charts of me and my best friend, I understood why we are together now.

Me (left), Angel (right)

Long before I knew that my graduation would be delayed until 2018, my best friend (and roommate) told me that she would really be graduating in 2018. The moment that my thesis adviser dropped me, I got a little depressed and many strange things showed up. At that time, my family was disappointed at me but I oddly felt like a big weight has been lifted off my chest. That event made me realize the importance of taking life seriously, being self-sufficient, and planning for one’s own future. Out of the blue, number synchronicities appeared daily. I always see repeating numbers – the most common of them was the 11:11. Most of these numbers say that the angels and the universe got my back. The cosmic forces probably wanted to let me know that something better will come my way, despite the misfortune that has befallen me.

A month after that incident happened, my best friend and I both saw a double rainbow for the first time in our lives. We were so happy and amazed at that “miracle”. We both knew that it was something significant. Personally, I felt that someone or something has lit up my heart. It was as if hope was poured down on my soul.

As I was lurking in the internet trying to find out the meaning of the rainbow miracle that we have seen, I have listed down some amazing things people have written about it:

A double rainbow symbolizes a transformation in life. The first rainbow represents the material and second the spiritual. No doubt that is why we stop to admire its beauty. It’s meant to align both our outer world with our inner spirit. (Soul Wise Living)

Double Rainbow Symbolism… Serendipity
A double rainbow means serendipitous magic is on the way, the path of personal magic is opening for you. Be true to yourself and your dreams and know that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. This also tells you that your intuition is keener than you might have imagined…it says “it’s a sure sign to trust your vibes”. (Universe of Symbolism)

The rainbow itself is a symbol of hope and good fortune, a blessed bridge between heaven and earth, or as one site put it, “a bridge between the real and the imaginary”…
But a double rainbow… blessings multiplied. (Luna Musika)

Seeing a single rainbow is always special, but to witness a double rainbow is a rare phenomenon which deserves to be called a miracle. (Claire Montanaro)

Since the time of Noah’s ark, rainbows have been symbolic of God’s promise of love, care, support, and protection. When you ask the angels for a sign and you see a rainbow, it signals that your entire situation is being taken care of by them. Albino rainbows, double rainbows, and moonbows (rainbows appearing at night under the moonlight) are all so unusual that they leave no doubt as to their significance. Rainbows are not only signs, but also gifts of encouragement and guidance from the other side. (Doreen Virtue)

And according to Merriam-Webster, these are the definitions of SERENDIPITY:

>> luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for
>> the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

Pia Wurtzbach

Right now, about three months after I saw the double rainbow, I still don’t know how the “luck” would manifest in my life. But “serendipity” surely makes sense for me because I have always thought that what happened to me was a blessing in disguise. It was a moment of awakening. It was the universe’s way of pushing me forward to achieve my highest potential. It was the angels’ way of saying “Don’t worry, we still got your back. That’s just a very tiny obstacle in the way.” If ever I have prayed for a sign that I am on the right track but just forgot that I prayed for it, the double rainbow was surely a big yes.

I just realized that the universe is not against us. The angels and many other spirits are rooting for us. And they always talk to us in unearthly ways, we just have to open our eyes and believe. Namaste.


Heart to Heart Talk #3: A Karmic Love Lesson

I seriously thought that he was the one.

I have been mentioning again and again that my Saturn is in the 7th house, the house of relationships. My Chiron, North Node, and Sun are all in Libra, which is the sign of relationships. Looking at those placements, one can already infer that one of my main purposes in this life is to learn and expand through relationships. It is the biggest theme or karma that I am supposed to work on in this life. When the transiting Saturn squared my natal Saturn on December 2016, the universe sent me a man who amazingly fit my checklist of my ideal man. These are the qualities that I look for:
Older than me (maturity, responsibility) 
Mentor type, intelligent 
Spiritual (not necessarily religious) 
Different or foreign (opens up another world for me) 
Sexy and very masculine 
Bonus: someone of Arab descent

Who would expect that I would get to know that “man of my dreams” because he has read this blog?!

We did not intend to be involved with each other, but eventually we did. We only got involved emotionally, and not physically, since he is living in England. And it got to the point where we were already planning our future (yes, it was that fast): he made me get my passport right away so he could manage to bring me to England ASAP, he planned to go here next year to spend time with me and see if we have chemistry, we planned to have ceremonies of both temporary and permanent marriage in his religion, and we were already planning to have children.

It was so bizarre, sudden, unexpected, and the attraction was so intense that if I was near him, we probably would have married right away. It was that kind of feeling. However, the attraction was not superficial, or merely based on physical appearances. I really liked him for who he was. I felt like I have known him for ages. And he, also, felt very understood and comfortable with me. In fact, just a few days after we started talking, I have told him that we were probably lovers in our past life. He, however, replied that he doesn’t believe in past lives. I don’t know why but I believed we were. After a few weeks, I discovered synastry and composite charts for couples (astrology) and I was amazed. There were lots of positive indicators of attraction in our relationship and it was very Plutonian – both our Venus and Pluto are conjunct each other’s Venus and Pluto (double whammy). Venus and Pluto aspects were already a sign of a karmic relationship; but what made me more convinced that we were indeed lovers in our past life/lives is because his South Node is conjuncting my Venus. I was probably his wife before. It is certain that we had a relationship or marriage. And that our relationship in this lifetime is something karmic – something that should happen in order to work on unfinished business in past lifetimes.

Anyway, before we really got involved very deeply, I have asked my psychic friend a New Year question about this guy:
January 1, 2017  
Me: Hi Lawrence Happy New Year! I am so excited to ask my question :D
I have attached my picture and the picture of the man in question. He is the one on the left.My question is, do I have a future with this man? Because I want to end things right now if it doesn’t have a future. Thanks in advance :))  
Lawrence: Hi Anthea
Happy New Year 
Checked him out 
No future at all, I see him with other women, not a commitment type of guy. I wouldn’t pursue him, but it’s up to you of course because I can be wrong. 
See you again with another dream soon :)

I never heeded his advice because of “it’s up to you of course because I can be wrong.” I still talked to the British Arab because we were talking about religion and spirituality almost every day. He loves teaching and I love learning new things. Apart from that, we loved planning for our future. Those were only the good things in our one-month relationship. What made me less happy is that I felt like I was only a side thing for him. He was so busy about his work and family that I always had to be patient. Being a Venus in Scorpio, I am very possessive and I want every confirmation and reassurance that the person I love is mine. However…

He thinks that I am old enough to bear him children so he wants me to be his second wife. Yes, second wife. Not because he is a widower, but because he already has a wife and a daughter. They are not divorced although they live separately. He told me that he would not divorce his wife because he doesn’t want his little girl to think that they have a broken family. He loves his daughter the most.  

Another thing is that he doesn’t want our future children to live in the Philippines because he thinks lowly of my country. Yes, the Philippines is poor, but I think it would do the children good so they would appreciate what they have, have more sympathy for others, avoid getting spoiled, and learn about the beautiful Asian culture of their mother. Before I become thirty, I would be living in England, alone, as a second wife, away from my family, and utterly misunderstood. If he is so busy with his life, then who would take care of me? Would I just wait for him always? What would I do in England unequipped and unprepared?

He also told me that he would marry me only if I become a Muslim. Well, basically, there is nothing wrong with that. He is a devout Muslim, and I am happy for him that he has found the religion that suits him. Right now, I don’t adhere to any religion but I am so drawn to spiritual stuff. I am drawn to angels, spirit guides, ghosts, other dimensions, astrology, New Age, chakras, intuition, psychics, and all that stuff. I don’t think having an organized religion is right for me. I don’t want to be “boxed in” just to connect to God. But since I loved him and I wanted to be with him, and he thinks being an “unbeliever” would essentially make me qualified for hell (which I don’t believe exists), we arranged to have daily lessons about Islam. I loved learning it, my mind likes it, but my heart doesn’t. I don’t feel happy. I don’t care about the logical reasons people say to justify that Islam is the only correct spiritual path that exists nowadays because logic alone can’t satisfy me. And I especially disliked the idea of being in a traditional female role the moment I marry him, and I disliked hiding the hair that I am proud of by wearing a hijab. Don’t get me wrong, Islam is beautiful. But it is not for me. Religion cannot be forced. Everyone should search for their own truths.

And so, one month passed but I still found myself in a constant panic when we were not talking. I don’t think it is paranoia since I am normally a calm person. Since we were already so serious, I thought about many things like my own happiness being the second wife, the opinions of others around me, being on the right or wrong path for the rest of my life, not achieving my dreams once I marry a man of a conservative religion, and whether or not he is the right person for me. When February came, I asked again my psychic friend about him, just to make sure that I am on the right track:
February 1, 2017  
Me: Lawrence please help me. I am really confused. I don’t know what to do. I will attach both my picture and the picture of the man in question.
Should I cut him off my life? I feel like I’m a side thing for him, and I don’t want that, since I am too possessive and I want my man to be all mine. I am so confused because I don’t want to make another mistake. I want to be with the one I will be with forever and not waste my time with the wrong person. Please help me with this. I don’t know whether I’d end things or hope for impossible things to happen.Thanks in advance Lawrence, how are you?  
Lawrence: Hi, checked him out.
He is with other women but no commitments, he is into sex too much and can’t be loyal to one person. 
I wouldn’t have physical relationship with him. 
Feels like you got involved with someone you really didn’t know. 
Move on is the message I got, don’t be with any man for a while, they confuse you too much. 
Work on school stuff, and take a break from men if you can. 
I know your hormones are raging sometimes. 

After knowing this, I got really sad, maybe a little depressed, that I couldn’t do anything that I was supposed to do. When he called, I confronted him. I asked him if he was serious about me and he couldn’t answer right away. He was trying to find the right words to say and flipped the question back to me. He told me that he hasn’t done anything that would make me doubt him. However, what matters to me is what he feels about me; not what he does or doesn’t do for me. If I am going to spend my life with someone, it is with someone who is serious about me. After a little while, he got into defensive mode and he got angry. I apologized and we tried to forget what happened. However, I still felt very uneasy and insecure. So after a few days, I confronted him again. I really can’t feel that he is serious about me. I can feel his happiness in our talks, but seriousness regarding commitment is a different issue. Then I decided to focus on myself and not waste my time worrying for someone who is not focused on me. When he called me, I told him that I am backing out from our marriage and that I decided to call it quits. He was quiet, upset, and he ended the call right away. And he blocked me too. And that’s how it ended. It hurt. I reflected for a long time if I did the right thing. And just to make sure, I e-mailed my psychic again:
February 6, 2017  
Me: Lawrence…we just blocked each other, why does it hurt? ;( Please tell me that he was just deceiving me all this time. 
Lawrence: Hi, I don’t know what happened. All I can tell you is that he is not right for you as I stated before.
Don’t chase this person, let him go – that’s the message I get. 
Don’t focus on someone who doesn’t focus on you. 

So there. If it was indeed a karmic relationship, I don’t know how it was solved. But what happened with me was that I cried a lot during our relationship. I cried most of the time because I felt unconditional love for him. I loved him in an otherworldly way. I loved him for who he is. However, the person I need in this lifetime for commitment is not him. He is already committed to someone and I would probably break his family’s heart if I chose to be his second wife. If past lives were true, I don’t exactly know what my unfinished business with him was. But what we had was wonderful, and I know that he would agree. It was a wonderful feeling of unconditional love. Nevertheless, I felt lighter when I broke up with him. I wanted my freedom – the freedom that I would lose if I marry him. But I am so glad that I got to know him. At least now I know that I wouldn’t settle for being the second wife again, the second (or third, or whatever) priority, and for being with someone who cannot match the intensity and commitment that I want in a relationship.

Wayman Stewart, the astrologer of Astrology Arena, said that the transiting Saturn square natal Saturn that happens when we are twenty-one years old is a preparation for our Saturn return when we are twenty-eight to thirty years old. And since my Saturn is in the 7th house, I believe that this is the challenge presented to me by Saturn. I seriously thought that he was the one for me. (My Juno is in Sagittarius; he is a Sagittarius.) Well, of course I had to believe my own delusion that he is the one so it would be a very unforgettable life lesson for me when life slaps the truth in my face. Even if it’s a little heartbreaking, Saturn has taught me a very valuable lesson: commitment is commitment. Only responsible people should enter serious commitments. And since I am still very young and I still haven’t made something of myself, I wouldn’t be happy if I happened to marry this young. Love is not enough. Being past life lovers is not enough. But standards are definitely a necessity for a perfect lifetime partner.

And you (him), wherever you are, I thank you for playing a role in my spiritual growth. You taught me a lot in that one month. We may not be meant for each other in this lifetime, but we have certainly felt the connection. I wish you all the best. J

"The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck (Quotes)

This is a novel set in pre-revolutionary China about a poor farmer named Wang Lung and what happened to his life after he married a slave named O-Lan. The book is full of wise (and sometimes not-so-wise) quotes that are mostly about women. And as I am somehow drawn to women studies and feminist stuff, this book was a good read for me. I was a bit teary in some parts since it also features the struggles of old age which made me feel bad for my aging parents who are bit by bit becoming dependent on their children. Anyway, these are the quotes from the novel that I have found interesting:

The 1937 movie of The Good Earth

“Every morning for these six years the old man had waited for his son to bring in hot water to ease him of his morning coughing. Now father and son could rest. There was a woman coming to the house.”

“Wang Lung had suffered that she must not be pretty. It would be something to have a pretty wife that other men would congratulate him upon having.”

“And what will we do with a pretty woman? We must have a woman who will tend the house and bear children as she works in the fields, and will a pretty woman do these things? She will be forever thinking about clothes to go with her face! No, not a pretty woman in our house. We are farmers. Moreover, who has heard of a pretty slave who was virgin in a wealthy house? All the young lords have had their fill of her. It is better to be first with an ugly woman that the hundredth with a beauty. Do you imagine a pretty woman will think your farmer’s hands as pleasing as the soft hands of a rich man’s son, and your sunblack face as beautiful as the golden skin of the others who have had her for their pleasure?”

“She is not beautiful but that you do not need. Only men of leisure have the need for beautiful women to divert them.”

“Wang Lung felt in him a great pride that this woman was his and did not fear to appear before him, but would not before other men.”

“The wife would not stir herself to sweep the floor of their hut, nor did the children trouble to wash the food from their faces. It was a disgrace that as the girls grew older and even to marriageable age they still ran about the village and left uncombed their rough sunbrowned hair, and sometimes even talked to men.”

“It is better that a girl be married away while she is yet virgin, and whoever heard of a bitch dog who was allowed on the streets who did not give birth to a litter?”

“And then he thought of that new mouth come that day into his house and it struck him, with heaviness, that the birth of daughters had begun for him, daughters who do not belong to their parents, but are born and reared for other families.”

“This child of the slave, who was not more than sixteen, he now saw with his fresh lust, for as he grew old and infirm and heavy with flesh he seemed to desire more and more women who were slight and young, even to childhood, so that there was no slaking his lust.”

“He could not comprehend the words ‘no money,’ who all his life had but to reach out his hand and fill it as often as he would.”

“Heaven will strike you if you take more.”

“The dead man is yourselves, and the murderous one who stabs you when you are dead are the rich and the capitalists, who would stab you even after you are dead. You are poor and downtrodden and it is because the rich seize everything.”

“Hunger makes thief of any man.”

“He began to perceive what this was, a woman who clung to an old and dying man because of what last thing she might get from him.”

“If one had told him there were small hands like these he would not have believed it, hands so small and bones so fine and fingers so pointed with long nails stained the color of lotus buds, deep and rosy. And if one had told him that there could be feet like these, little feet thrust into pink satin shoes no longer than a man’s middle finger, and swinging childishly over the bed’s edge – if anyone had told him he would not have believed it.”

“Well, and I have seen many a man, and when one smooths his hair and buys new clothes and will have his shoes velvet all of a sudden, then there is a new woman and that is sure.”

“And it is not to be thought, poor fool, that one woman is enough for any man, and if it is a weary hard-working woman who has worn away her flesh working for him, it is less than enough for him. His fancy runs elsewhere the more quickly, and you, poor fool, have never been fit for a man’s fancy and litter better than an ox for his labor. And it is not for you to repine when he has money and buys himself another to bring her to his house, for all men are so, and would my old do-nothing also, except the poor wretch has never had enough silver in his life to feed himself even.”

“It was not to be supposed that the coming of this one called Lotus and of her serving woman Cuckoo into Wang Lung’s house could be accomplished altogether without stir and discord of some sort, since more than one woman under one roof is not for peace.”

“So these two women took their place in his house: Lotus for his toy and his pleasure and to satisfy his delight in beauty and in smallness and in the joy of her pure sex, and O-Lan for his woman of work and the mother who has borne his sons and who kept his house and fed him and his father and his children. And it was a pride to Wang Lung in the village that men mentioned with envy the woman in his inner court; it was as though men spoke of a rare jewel or an expensive toy that was useless except that it was a sign and symbol of a man who had passed beyond the necessity of caring only to be fed and clothed and could spend his money on his joy if he wished.”

“He did not want a rich daughter-in-law lest she be haughty and disobedient and cry for this and that of food and clothes and turn aside his son’s heart from his parents.”

“Now why have you wept?”
Then she hung her head and toyed with a button on her coat and said, shy and half-murmuring,
“Because my mother binds a cloth about my feet more tightly every day and I cannot sleep at night.”
“Now I have not heard you weep,” he said wondering.
“No,” she said simply, “and my mother said I was not to weep aloud because you are too kind and weak for pain and you might say to leave me as I am, and then my husband would not love me even as you do not love her.”

“All through the long months of winter she lay dying and upon her bed, and for the first time Wang Lung and his children knew what she had been in the house, and how she made comfort for them all and they had not known it.”

“Well, and if I am ugly, still I have borne a son; although I am but a slave there is a son in my house. How can that one feed him and care for him as I do? Beauty will not bear a man sons!”

“The man child is born, my father, and now we must find a woman to nurse him with her breasts, for I will not have my wife’s beauty spoiled with the nursing and her strength sapped with it. None of the women of position in the town do so.”

“And it was a matter of joy to Wang Lung that this slave gave birth only to a girl, for if it had been a boy she would have been proud and have claimed a place in the family, but being a girl it was only slave bearing a slave, and she was no more than before.”

“Then as autumn flares with the false heat of summer before it dies into the winter, so with the quick love Wang Lung had for Pear Blossom. The brief heat of it passed and passion died out of him; he was fond of her, but passionless.”

Natural Beauty = Health & Happiness

A few years ago, I posted a blog about natural beauty. I don’t know what happened to it now, maybe I deleted it, maybe not, but it’s because my perspective about natural beauty changes throughout the years. When I was about fourteen or fifteen, I disapproved of girls who wear cosmetics and alter their appearances with chemicals, commercial products, etc. I was so stuck up. Then, when I was seventeen, I started using stuff that made me look fairer, cleaner, and a lot different from what I looked like naturally. I started using BB creams, hair dyes, whitening soaps, etc. and people told me I looked better. That’s when my perspective about natural beauty changed. I started thinking that women who stand by natural beauty are hypocrites (I’m really sorry, that was my mindset before L) because there is no such thing as natural beauty and everything can be improved if you would want it.

I am twenty-one now. I am still young, I have learned some little things in life, but my perspective about natural beauty changed again – and I would probably stick to this belief now. For five years (starting from when I was seventeen until now), my daily life was filled with maintenance of my “artificial” beauty (for lack of a better word). I was so afraid of going back to my natural appearance. Because when I like something, I stick to it until I start believing that I don’t want it anymore – for example, my brown dyed hair. My natural hair is jet black (because I am a Filipina) which makes my features look really strong. Brown hair suited me and made me look softer and more feminine. And because of that, I always dye my hair just so the blackness of my hair won’t show. Now that it’s dry and damaged, I regret dyeing my hair constantly and now I want to go back to the shiny, curly, black hair that my parents or ancestors have given me.

About two years ago, my life changed drastically and it forced me to change my lifestyle. It even forced me to cut off ties with several people whom I thought were my friends. Social and academic stress made me very sick and unhealthy that I started looking older and tired. My face also looked so rough and full of blemishes that I cover with a BB cream. Luckily, I found out about liver detoxification with the use of mainly olive oil. The liver flush method that I use is by Andreas Moritz. By doing that and flushing lots and lots and lots of cholesterol stones from my body, paired with putting on sunflower oil (now rosehip oil) on my face and leaving it overnight, my family noticed that my face became smoother and clearer. I also tried veganism which did not last long because I am still a student, but through research and bodily instincts (and even dreams of cockroaches coming from my mouth), I now lean towards cleaner and healthier food. I may not be a strict vegan but I have developed an appetite for vegetables, especially the greens.

Exercising also did lots of good things to me. But since I am a busy person, I sometimes just do yoga or meditation when I don’t have time for sweaty exercise. But if possible, sweating is really good. For me, I notice that my skin is clearer and I have less acne when I sweat everyday through exercise.

And because of desperation to achieve a clean and clear face, I tried peeling my face with a chemical peel. I stopped doing it after I have achieved my desired results. Because of that I have found out that with my oily skin, peeling and exfoliation is good once in a while because the dead skin cells and dirt, mixed with the oil that my face produces so much, results in unsightly pimples. Now my face is smoother and fairer that I don’t already need to put BB cream on my face every day. Wherever I go, I am already fine with a sunscreen and an oil film. Now that I can bare my face to the whole world even if I just woke up, I started believing in natural beauty again.

Of course, it would not be complete without serenity and contentment inside one’s heart. I admit that I was really a bad girl when I was younger. I was full of prejudices and I thought the world was against me. It turns out that I just lacked understanding of other people and I was so insecure of myself. What helped me understand people was my quest to understand myself. Ever since I was a little girl, I was already so attracted to personality tests and zodiac signs because they tell stuff about people. I sought to understand myself first which might seem narcissistic to some people. Everything that I tried to figure out was about me. However, it was a necessary step because we understand other people through our own experiences. College has taught me a lot about understanding people since I major in Literature and History – therefore, I am forced to understand people individually and collectively. Another thing that helped me with my spiritual growth is my quest for spirituality. I jumped from religion to religion until I landed on the New Age spirituality which I felt is just right for me. I am just not so comfortable with rituals or traditions. I am comfortable with emotional detoxifications, internal conquests, and a lack of dogmatic attitude because that is so old school. I love auras, spirits, other dimensions, extraterrestrials, intuition, and stuff like that. I am also drawn to Wicca (I actually think I had been a witch in a past life, but I am not sure) but something about it just drags my energy levels down.

Anyway, what I am trying to say overall is that what is inside will definitely show on the outside. That means, maintaining a clean and healthy body will definitely show through our skin and body, and maintaining a peaceful and happy attitude about life with radiate through us and people can definitely pick up on that. There are some people who are blessed with physical beauty that can have something about them that feels off, dark, or unattractive. But there are some people who are just so plain looking but everyone is convinced that they are so handsome or beautiful. Natural beauty is the combination of health and an attractive aura or energy. When people perceive kindness, gentleness, or beauty from inside of us, they tend to see us as beautiful. And that is what I have learned about true beauty throughout the years. Therefore, “beauty is skin deep” does not ring true for me anymore. Because as within, so without. Have a beautiful day. :)

"Little Altars Everywhere" by Rebecca Wells (Quotes)

“Little Altars Everywhere” is a novel by Rebecca Wells, the author of “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. The former has the same characters as the latter; I personally have read the Ya-Ya Sisterhood first and I understood that novel and its movie better after I have read Little Altars Everywhere. The family troubles there, especially the mother-daughter conflict, definitely exists in real life, but everything was lightened up by the humorous perspective of the characters, especially of Siddalee Walker and Viviane Abbot-Walker. I have listed some quotes from the novel that I find amusing, and not necessarily wise or educational or whatever:

“You have to start early if you plan to be popular. Mama was extremely popular when she was growing up. She was elected Most Well-Liked, she was head cheerleader, captain of the girls’ tennis team, and assistant editor of the yearbook. Everyone at Thornton high knew who she was. Even though it sometimes wore her out, she said Hi! to every single soul she passed in the hall. It was a lot of work, but that was how her reputation was built. Mama understands the gospel of popularity and she is passing it on to me so I won’t be left out on the fringes.”

“Mama always says, If you can’t sing it good, Siddalee, at least sing it loud.”

“Mimi says, I know a nasty joke. Yall wanna hear? Her joke is all about this man who gets his Thing stuck in a hole in the floor, and I laugh and laugh even though I don’t think it’s all that funny. I have seen both of my brothers’ Things and they look like turkey necks to me. Like if you’re not careful they could get slammed in a door and fall right off on the floor. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad I’m a girl with everything tucked up inside where things can’t get at it so easy.”

“Sometimes just have to reach out and grab what you want, even when they tell you not to. This is something that I have struggled with my whole life long.”

“But God said, The only reason you wanted twins in the first place was to get attention. I was cheated. Children do not bring you attention. They take it all away.”

“I always tell my two daughters: Don’t ever underestimate the power women have over men. And don’t ever let them know you have it either.”

“I am her mother, though, and it is my job to teach her that you cannot escape from life. Life is not a book. You can’t just set it down on the coffee table and walk away from it when it gets boring or you get tired.”

“My Daddy says, if a dog can’t live off table scraps, then it’s not a dog. He says, If a dog can’t live out in the yard no matter what the season, then it might as well be a goddamn stuffed animal at the Louisiana State Fair.”

“I don’t blame the dog for being crazy. Dogs are dogs. You teach them to obey, you feed them what’s left over from supper, and you pick cockleburs out of their coats. You don’t pull a dog up on the couch with you and talk to it like a human baby and wait for it to talk back to you in plain English.”

“I ran in there to see what was happening and I tell you – it was truly something awful. I’ve seen plenty of puppies born at Pecan Grove and at my cousins’. It doesn’t scare me. But that dog was being ripped apart. Made me glad I wasn’t a girl.”

“She says: Your father is so rich that you’ll probably break our record player on purpose just to show he can afford to buy a brand new one. Blessed are the poor, Siddalee Walker, and you are not one of them.”

“But when push came to shove, Daddy refused to join the Catholic Church. He said, Yall are like sheep to the slaughter when it comes to the Penguins (which is what he calls the brides of Christ). Yall can drag me to Mass on Christmas, he says, but other than that, don’t swing that damn incense in the direction of my sinuses.”

“Impure thoughts, impure acts – everywhere I turn, I stump my toe on impurity. It seems like every thought that comes into my head is impure. I worry that I’m sinning all the time just because of the way my mind works.”

“She keeps driving along for a minute or two before she says, Listen to me, Siddale, and listen good: There is no excuse to let your looks go, no matter how poor you are. Cleanliness might be next to godliness, but honey let me tell you, ugliness will get you nowhere.”

“Amy said you could tell they were tongue-kissing because of the way their heads moved. Your head moves different when you tongue-kiss because of the suction. I haven’t tongue-kissed yet, but Amy has. She says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, that sometimes it can make you gag. But I think it must have something going for it, since the Penguins say it’s a mortal sin.”

“As far as I’m concerned, my own mother does not pay enough attention to lingerie. She just wears plain old white panties. If she got in a car wreck and died with them on, she wouldn’t have to be exactly humiliated. But still, she could do so much better.”

“My hair is almost down to my waist, and if it isn’t done in a certain way it just drives Mama to the insane asylum. She says with all my hair I could easily look like a poor white trash or a Pentecostal if I’m not careful. This morning, though, she completely forgets about my hair, and I’m glad, because the way she usually whips it around feels like she is really trying to jerk me bald-headed. She always says, That’s the price you have to pay for beauty, Siddalee.”

“We all get Cokes too, even though Daddy says that having a cold drink before twelve noon is a ‘whore’s breakfast’.”

“But I can feel the ground underneath me. And I tell myself: The earth is holding me up. I am lighter than I was before. My hair is like the grass planted on top of my head. If I can just wait long enough, maybe it will grow back in some other season.”

“She say, Letta, it’s a sin for you to wear that wig Chaney got you because it makes you vain.”

“She a white white woman, she can do whatever she want.”

“Cause some people God give to you to look out after, and that just be how it is. I got to keep my gaze on them children till the day I die. Too many things can happen in the blink of an eye, and that’s why I count my blessings every single day.”

“That’s why I tole my girls, that’s why I tell my granchilren: Don’t even worry bout bein holy, babychild. Just keep your eyes wide open except when you sleep. Then let the Lord’s mighty vision see you through the night.”

“My hearing was already bad in my left ear by then. It took the doctors a while to diagnose it, but finally they said, You’ve lost eighty-three percent of the hearing in your left ear. Claimed it was from early exposure to guns and loud farm equipment. I could of told them exactly what it was, though: I made the hearing go out of that ear because it’s the one that faced the wall when I tried to sleep. I got tired of hearing all the shit you had to listen to in that house.”

“Lots of times people make the mistake of underestimating you on the account of the way you talk. I’ve seen this in my own life. That stutter might of made him sound stupid, but it’s by a man’s eyes that you know his intelligence.”

“You oughta thank the Good Lord you got two legs to stand on, I tell him.”

“Some people, they is gonna be unhappy no matter what. You could give them ever’thing you have. Take the blood out of you own body and give it to them and they’d still be miserable. That just be the way it is.”

“You hand-wash a family’s underthings and you learn more about them than you ever want to.”

“So I set outside in the yard and paste things up in my scrapbook. Pictures and news clippings, old ticket stubs – oh, just all kinds of things. I gotta get them all in my book fore I lose thought of them. Time fly so fast, you gotta get it down in the book. I put all kind of stuff up in there…My book hold my success, it hold my sorrow, it hold my harvests, it hold my heart.”

“Nobody wants to have fun anymore. If they’re not tee-totaling, they’re cutting out sugar or fat  or cholesterol. Drives me batty. I’ve been smoking and drinking and dyeing my hair since I was twelve years old. And I could do an Oil of Olay commercial if I wanted to – that’s how good I still look.”

“The thing that gets me is how dam determined he looks. Determination is one of the virtues I’ve always envied, believe it or not.”

“I don’t think Shep will ever know how lovely it still is for me to ride in that truck with him. There is something so – oh, I don’t know – sexy about the inside of a pickup truck that a man has been working in all day. The smell of the sun and dust and Shep’s body. I guess I will always be a sucker for a man in a pickup truck. I guess that’s why I have put up with so much shit over the years. I hear the sound of that man’s voice on the telephone after a day of being apart and it still gives me goosebumps. I still have it bad for him, even though I’ve lived down the hall for so many years. There is no accounting for chemistry.”

“If I miss a sunset, my next day is never a good one. It’s one of my superstitions. If I miss a sunset, I have to consult the Ouija board. I’ve done that religiously ever since the kids left. It’s part of my schedule. That’s the reason I had so much trouble when all four of them were still at home: I couldn’t stick to my schedule.”

“I stand there next to my husband, not saying anything. When you’re married nearly forty years, you don’t always need to talk every second. I would go stark-raving nuts if I had to discuss everything, the way Sidda wants us all to do.”

“It was all so fast and furious – having them, raising them, watching them go. I thought when Baylor left: Alright now, this is when my life can begin! But it never did begin and I can’t tell you why.”

“You simply must have decent telephone manners in this world or you will get absolutely nowhere.”

“The officer is indeed a black one – young and handsome, I am ashamed to admit. But I have always loved a man in uniform.”

“I need to surrender for at least one night, for at least eight-and-a-half hours. I look like crap if I don’t get enough sleep. My eyes get all puffy and I’m cranky as hell. I need my beauty rest. I always have.”

“We haven’t made love yet, though. Not because the chemistry isn’t hot, but because Connor feels too important for me to risk blowing everything up by sleeping together. On good days, I tell myself: Hold on. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. You have all the time in the world.”
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