I Had A Two-Year-Old Son (Dream)

Lee Si An "Daebak". My son in my dream looks and acts just like him ;)

Me: I dreamt that I had a son who is about two years old, and I was always happy to come home to see him. I don’t know how I had him, perhaps accidentally, because I didn’t know that I had a son. He is so docile, sweet, and I always carry him. And I always say to people, “This is my son!” I was really happy with that child.

Then something happened that I couldn’t remember much about. I guess I was late while doing my makeup, so my family or the people around me went ahead, including my son. I was left with my father. When both of us tried to find the way in a dark hallway, I passed by my godfather who looked aged. When my father and I reached the destination, there were no people there. And it was so dark. So we tried to go back and then I woke up.

What could this mean Lawrence? I especially want to know the part where I have a son. I really love him, he is so comfortable with me, and he loves me too.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea
It’s interesting that you didn’t have the father of your child in your dream; almost like he had no other purpose other than getting you pregnant and moving on.
It can mean you want to be loved by someone where there’s mutual attraction on a deep level, and another part of you loves your freedom.
Also, your father is trying to lead you on the right path of your life and he has strong emotions for you as a father. You may want to lead yourself in the future instead of him trying to lead you. You don’t want to follow the path that he wants for you.
That’s the vibes I picked up from your dreams.
Let me know if I helped.


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