Finish Your School Stuff! (Dream)

Me: I dreamt that I was with other people, probably grade school and high school classmates. They were reciting their science projects so the teachers can pick the best one among them. I was there; and I was probably just a decoration since science bores me and I don’t have anything to show anyway. In the end the teachers forgot to call my name.

When it ended, I found myself walking alone at night. Then I was with two other girls whom I am not close with. We were with each other just for company. We walked to our destination, but the ground was really muddy and hard to walk on. Then there was a really creepy man whom we felt was just pretending to be going to the same destination as we were, until he was so close to us. We were already running in spite of the ground being hard to walk on, but he still managed to catch up and there were many times in the dream where he tried to touch me. Eeewwww. The girls with me also perceived that he was a pervert who wanted to sexually harass us.

I don’t know how we got rid of him but we found ourselves in a cake store, where everyone was eating in groups. I was alone, since the two girls were not close to me anyway. I tried picking a chocolate cake, but a slice was very expensive. The other cakes had colorful appearance, but also expensive. That is all.

Lawrence: You are walking away from school projects, and the creepy man is YOUR SCHOOL TEACHER. School projects are boring. School itself is boring. You left school without doing your project. You might not like your teacher, period – and that’s the creep following you. Not sure about the sexual part though, didn’t get a vibe on that. When you’re out of school you will be happier. Best x


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