Arranged Marriages (Dream)

Me: Hi Lawrence I had a really weird dream last night; it was long but I only remember the last parts. Inside our house, my relatives from both my parents’ sides were there. And there was sadness or something, because an unseen force put people in arranged marriages. One of them said that it was Saturn – but Saturn seemed to evade me, which I thought was good. I was happy that he didn’t bother me. However, the looks on my cousins’ faces became grimmer and grimmer, because it looked like my deceased grandmother who was alive in my dream was wickedly arranging everyone’s marriages, including my four-year-old nephew. I felt really bad for the child. As I saw my cousins getting paired with their men, I was secretly thankful that I didn’t have to go through the pain of being with a stranger as my husband for life. Then, I found myself alone in my room. A man entered and was talking to me in British accent. He said that I was supposed to marry him and he was sorry because of that. When I turned around, it was Gareth Gates! I was so happy that they arranged someone so talented and handsome for me. Then, we went to the jeepney where my family was, and my cousins were looking at me and Gareth. The two of us were just happy because we like each other.

Lawrence: This is easy.
It can mean that you may finally be introduced by a friend or a family member to someone you really like.
But it also means that you really want to pick your own man and not be assigned whom to marry.
It’s not a good or a bad dream. It also might mean that you are very picky on who you will date.
Which is good.

(This is true since hours before I had this dream, I rejected someone and I was sooo mean because that person still won’t give up his hope. And this person doesn’t really know what he wants, and seems to be more passive and feminine than me, which is a massive turn off.)


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