Am I Being Played With?

Since I already know the specific traits of the person that I need to have in a life commitment, I get excited when I find people who seem to fit my standards. I found someone who is so smart, a mentor type, definitely responsible than boys my age since he is ten years older than me, hardworking, very spiritual, handsome, and helps me out by tirelessly giving advice. He is so perfect, at least when I look at my checklist, but one problem that I have is that he is a Sagittarius. We all know that Sagittarius men can commit, but they are not the commitment type of men since they love their freedom more than anything else. It conflicts with my values when it comes to approaching relationships, since my Libra Sun is all about partnerships and idealizing love and my Venus in Scorpio is very possessive, all or nothing, clingy and insecure, and wants their partner to bleed for them. He made me his girlfriend, an online girlfriend for now, but sometimes I get the feeling that he doesn’t care for me as much as I care for him. I have three personal planets in Scorpio so I am a bit more Plutonian than Venusian; and for a little while when a sudden intuitive information hit me, I sunk into paranoia that I didn’t know what to listen to since I am confused whether the paranoia came from my mind or my heart. I sometimes hate myself because I can be a little gullible and stupid when it comes to romance.

I didn't like it the first time that we were not communicating for a long time. Knowing myself, I get really suspicious and insecure when there is no commitment, engagement, marriage, or public announcement of a relationship. I asked another British friend (a wise 40-year-old Virgo) about some signs to look out for to check if I am being played with, and he advised me to listen to my intuition. He told me that intuition is very gentle and comes from the heart and/or the body, while paranoia is relentless and comes from the mind. I thanked him, but I was still left confused because what I felt seemed like an intuitive paranoia. Therefore, I e-mailed my male psychic friend about what he thinks about this since he already knows my psychology anyway. This is the short conversation that happened between us:
Me: I’m sorry but I want to ask you a question…but this is not a reading. Since you are a man, can you give me some signs that a man is just playing with my feelings? You said that I will meet the right person when I am 24 so I wanted to be single until then. But I still fall in love very easily (not with everyone that crosses my path of course), and I just don’t learn from my lessons. I don’t know if I am being smooth-talked because I tend to idealize a person and cannot see him for who he really is until it’s too late. How can I check if I am just being played with?
Lawrence: Hi. Men take advantage of you by telling you they like you (and you like the attention), and later you find out that they just wanted a physical relationship. The best way to learn your lesson is to have PATIENCE in finding the right person. Why get involved and then keep breaking up. Just have friends for a while and not intimate partners until you know someone wants to be with you for you and not your body.

He has a point! We must have friendship first before diving into a deep connection. But I really really like this guy, you know. He is a gem. Not everybody is spiritually connected, or thinking about their life purpose, or understanding things more deeply – so I am still on the fence whether he would play with my feelings or not. I should know anyway, eventually, since he is a blunt person. Because I am still in school, and we are continents away, he told me to be patient. And he also told me that we wouldn’t know if we are really for each other yet since it’s still very early. And I was a bit ashamed that a man told me not to rush because women usually control the pacing of relationships lol. At least he already knows that things between us might just be transitory. I actually think it’s a sign of maturity, not of being an asshole.

Anyway, I’ve had my worries again during the New Year because I didn’t get the attention that I wanted. I e-mailed my psychic again so I could have answers. I have Uranus in the 5th house, so I am actually the type of person that wants to get out of something bad as fast as I got involved in it. I did it with some of my ex-boyfriends who definitely did not deserve my love. After two days, my psychic friend responded and of course, I did not like what I have read:
Me: Hi Lawrence, happy New Year! I am so excited to ask my next question. I have attached my picture and the picture of the man in question. My question is, do I have a future with this man? Because I want to end things right now if it doesn’t have a future. Thanks in advance!:)
Lawrence: Hi Anthea happy New Year, I checked him out. No future at all. I see him with other women, not a commitment type of guy. I wouldn’t pursue him, but it’s up to you of course ‘cause I can be wrong. See you again with another dream soon:) Best x

I got confused when he contradicted himself by saying that it was up to me because he could be wrong. Had he only said what he found out with conviction, I would have made up my mind right now. I didn’t like it when he said that he sees him with other women. I am very jealous when it comes to relationships, and it would be a very big problem if he doesn’t like jealous types while enjoying infidelity. However I really like him, in fact I think I can love him forever if there is no betrayal involved. At least now I know that the right answer to this question is to not care whether he can commit to me or not, because it is more important for me to focus on my studies and be someone someday, and be financially and physically independent from my family.

I would also like to add that the night before I received this reply from my psychic, my spirit guides or guardian angels or my higher self have already answered my question through my dream. I dreamt that I was asking that question and I received a reply through e-mail. That e-mail said that of course I can have a future with him, but I just have to be happy with who I am, be optimistic as much as possible, and mind my own business. All of them are right. Guess what I will do?

I will see where this goes. The centaur will pursue if he wants to. And I will probably stop after I have already bled too much. You know how stubborn I am. ;)


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