Papa Is Dying (Dream)

Me: When I was having my menstruation this December, I just slept the whole day for a few days. I was really unproductive. In one afternoon slumber, I dreamt that there were two groups. The other group took my father away and it was their fault that he was dying. They couldn’t use him for competition because he is fighting for his life on his deathbed. For several days they kept him there, curing him, but I knew that he was going to die. He was dying but they kept on curing him. They were stubborn. And that is all I can remember.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea. Your father dying might be that he has health issues in the future, and medical people are taking care of him. Maybe he needs to go in for a physical check-up and do blood work to make sure he is okay. The dream could mean other things, too. Like if your father wasn’t here you would be independent but bringing him back from his deathbed can mean he still has control over you. Again it can mean many things. 


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