A Woman Put a Curse on Me (Dream)

Me: I had a really scary dream last night. My friend (Angel) and I were riding in a tricycle and it was nighttime. We were with other female passengers. My friend warned me about strangers trying to touch you without permission because sometimes they put a curse on you and you don’t know it. I was very wary of one passenger and when I caught her trying to touch me, I avoided her so much while being shocked. The other passengers were shocked too, and since she was caught she just cursed me openly. She said I would have three ears. I am not sure, but it’s something about my ears. The female passengers froze and just stared. My friend couldn’t help me, and was avoiding the situation. I was screaming at her because of that.

Lawrence: A woman trying to touch you that you didn’t know might mean that women find you attractive and maybe turned on by you. I know you’re not into women, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t into you. It’s not a bad dream at all. Best x


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