Wisdom from Jupiter

This is from a Youtube video entitled “Channeling Jupiter”. Alison is the channeler, while Kari is the one that questions the spirit that is being channeled. I am fond of these channeling works, especially of some historical figures like Princess Diana and Rasputin, but channeling planets are very new to me, except for the planet Earth or Gaia. I am just getting so much wisdom from the enlightened perspectives of these planets that I might decide to do blog posts like this later on. In this Alison Ailfinn Allan’s video of channeling Jupiter, I only wrote (sometimes non-verbatim and edited) the second half of the show, because the first half included scientific explanations by Jupiter, but I am only interested in spiritual perspectives that he/she has to say. Enjoy reading! And thanks by the way for Alison and Kari for your Shiny Show, I am a new subscriber ;)

Kari: Why do you have so many moons?
Jupiter: Because I am so greedy. *laughs* (followed by a scientific explanation that I am not interested in lol)

Kari: What do you think, Jupiter, about humans and the way we assign character traits to you, like Jupiter is like, orange or something.
Jupiter: Because you are small. *laughter* And that’s not in size – that is in the consciousness. The consciousness is very small. (Alison: She’s not being derogatory, she’s very truthful!) The greater the consciousness within the being, the greater the knowing. So, your point of attraction as a human is very tiny, like little ant-y consciousness. And so, if all of your consciousness was within the being, first into being would be the size of Jupiter. You would be a planet. It’s not actually possible to force the entire consciousness of your higher self into a body that is so small. This body that you’re in is designed specifically for a very narrow field of information gathering. That’s what it’s designed for. If you want to have another experience that is outside of that, then become a planet. That is really the ultimate incarnation.

Kari: Are there other species that are just as tiny as we are and have beliefs about you too? And maybe worship you, or fear you in any way?
Jupiter: Well, these things are human trying to explain the world around them. And the only way you can explain the world around you is to put the attributes upon it that you have. So, the warrior nature that is applied to Mars and to myself is really just a human attribute. It is a human way to try and explain that which they can’t understand outside of themselves because they are themselves. You can only ever understand something from the point of attraction that you are in. You can have an intellectual understanding about something and in its scientific terms you can have an emotional understanding of something in its spiritual terms but you can never really know it until you are it.

Kari: Do you have astrological effects on us?
Jupiter: Yes, yes. We all do. The point of attraction is the same for what’s beyond in space. I have an effect on you, but you have an effect on me too. Everything in this solar system is a point of attraction, gravitational pull. (…scientific explanation)

Kari: What if we can channel dark matter?
Jupiter: You can! You can channel anything – you can channel gravity, you can channel wind, you can channel absolutely everything – there are no limits to what you can channel to speak to or understand or get some kind of understanding from them. Scientists do it, artists channel creativity. Creativity is a consciousness in and of itself. And everybody contributes to that information. But it is a spirit – creativity is in and of itself its own spirit. You can channel that and have a conversation with it. You can channel water. You can channel hydrogen. You can channel – there are no limits. You’re only limited by your understanding of the universe. You really are delving into spiritual concepts of foreign access of where most of the humanity is…And that is why you came here – you came here to have a designated experience, set of protocols you set in place from your higher self to learn something specific.

Kari: I’d like to know if you have parting messages for our shiny viewers.
Jupiter: Be open-minded, don’t close your minds to anything, question everything, and just allow yourselves to explore the unknown. And live life the way it was intended – magically. 


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