Very Tiny and Sensitive Baby (Dream)

Me: I only remember the part where there were gossiping and laughter around, and a tiny tiny tiny baby (as if it was born premature) appeared, and it belongs to one girl that we knew there. It was an illegitimate child, that’s why the people around were gossiping. I suddenly found myself nursing the poor helpless baby. However, the time came when I needed to go, so I handed her to another person. And while the other person was gentle to the baby, I was really overprotective of it, preventing the people from saying bad things or jokes to the child, because it might harm the baby. It was the most fragile thing ever.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea this is an easy one. This means you need to watch out from getting pregnant. Do not use unprotected sex – that would be a bad idea. But then again it’s your choice to do as you please.

My comment: It’s really ironic why I am having so many dreams where my higher self keeps on warning me about pregnancy and sex when I don’t even have a boyfriend and it’s been weeks since I’ve stopped talking to a boy! Usually I immediately cut my connection to these men who try to get friendly to me. Saturn tells me that they are still little boys and may only want sex instead of wanting me for the rest of their lives. I have my Uranus in my 5th house so it really might be an unavoidable potential to have unexpected pregnancy, since the planet of surprises and eccentricities is in my house of whirlwind romance and children. 


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