The Low- and High-Vibrational Feminine Energy

The low-vibrational woman sees other women as her competitors. She feels that she has to be the most beautiful or most attractive woman in order to see her worth. She wants men’s attention to be hers and hers alone. She sees other beautiful women as “threats” to her reign as the only goddess in her reality; and does all sorts of negative things to discredit them like starting gossips, etc. She uses her femininity, beauty, and sexuality to manipulate and charm people into getting what she wants, even at the expense of hurting other people. She easily feels jealous and threatened by other women, but thinks instead that other women are insanely insecure and jealous of her that’s why they want to bring her down. She projects her insecurities onto other women – and as a result, she barely maintains good sisterly relationships with them. A low-vibrational woman is extremely self-centered; she uses other people as her narcissistic supply, unable to bring back the love and attention they give to her. She does not like children, animals, and plants. She is utterly focused on what she wants to achieve for herself, while stepping on others’ feet as she latches on to her goals. She always wants to feel superior to other people around her and wants them to acknowledge her superiority.

The high-vibrational woman is full of love and compassion in her heart. She glows with inner beauty, innocence, and love that it would be no surprise that children, animals, or even adults would flock to her. She does not regard other women as competitors. Instead, she sees them as sisters that understand each other since women usually have the same struggles. She appreciates other women’s beauty, and does not feel jealous since she is so secure in her own beauty.  She understands that every woman has its own unique beauty, and that the real beauty is really found in the heart. Her heart is so big that it’s as if the aura of her heart looks like wings that would envelop you in warmth and understanding. The high-vibrational woman harbors great respect towards other women, and will never ever fight them because of men. She understands that men come and go, while sisters and girlfriends are for life. She thinks that everybody is equal, and has their own fair share of strengths and weaknesses. She does what she loves and never compares herself to others. She readily gives help to those in need, takes on her responsibilities without complaints, and is never tired of giving herself to others. Her heart just overflows with love that she feels the need to share it to other people. More than her other mundane goals in life, the high-vibrational woman feels like her main purpose to the world is to spread beauty and love genuinely. 


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