People in the Toilet (Dream)

Me: My dream was long but I only remember the part where I was with my former classmates in some kind of an event (reunion?). A younger male went into the event, nobody knew personally who he was, but someone whispered to me that he was the younger brother of someone. He totally caught the attention of people, including me, and the males there were insanely jealous of him. A group of boys went into the girls’ restroom to talk about him, but I had to use the restroom. I locked myself in a cubicle but I couldn’t do my business because the boys were playing around and would not go away. While I was releasing my phlegm into the toilet bowl, people, including the new boy, just kept on opening the door of the cubicle where I was trying to pee but could not because of them.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea
You didn’t lock the cubicle – they all have locks on them.
By leaving them open, you allow other people to invade your space and get you mad, frustrated, etc.
It’s a message to protect yourself more from people you don’t like. Keep your mind closed to them, not open to listen to them.
Lock the door in your mind to all who bother you, don’t engage them.


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