My Liver Flush Session (Nov 2016)

I am a lazy person – I cannot stick to health routines, exercises, etc. I also dread having liver flushes because orally consuming olive oil makes me feel sick and nauseous. The last time I did this was in July 2016, wherein I haven’t expelled a single liver stone. However, what made me decide to do it today was because I feel depressed for the  fact that I couldn’t graduate on 2017. It will be delayed because of my undergraduate thesis – it will be on 2018 instead. I will explain this matter on my next blog posts. Even though we are okay as we are, one single event can knock us down and make us doubt our self-worth. I have too many responsibilities and there is so much pressure around me that maybe the universe, or perhaps the etheric forces, have decided to make me rest for a few months. My parents are already pressuring me to graduate so they can retire from their work. Other people pity me, saying that it’s sayang, but they actually feel worse about it more than I do. I have immediately accepted it, really, because I feel peace in my heart when that incident happened; but I am really worried about what other people say about me and how much of a burden I am to my aging parents.

If I still want to be sane and healthy, then that incident was actually a blessing in disguise. However, I felt really terrible because of what the people around me think. It actually relieved me, but to my family, it was bad news. And so, I had to do something to rid myself of body toxins. By cleansing myself, I was hoping that the negative thoughts and beliefs that I have held on for so long would also go away. I have decided to fast, go on a water diet for half a day, and drink the olive oil with orange juice in the evening so I could cleanse my liver of cholesterol stones that block my bile duct.

Shortly after I woke up, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. The first ones I have expelled were brown, earthy-toned big stones that float. And for the next three times that I have gone to the bathroom, I expelled big, medium, and small dark green stones. Not all of my liver flush sessions are as successful as this, so I was happy that I get to expel some toxic elements in my body. The stones were many, perhaps about a hundred or two. An hour after I have expelled my liver stones, I had a short cardio exercise that made me sweat right away. That detox helped me say good-bye to some bodily toxins that keep me dense and low-vibrational. I gotta keep that up if I want to rise higher in the vibrational scale so I could really believe that everything is all right, that I am on the right track, and that my guardian angels won’t leave me no matter what happens. Things like these might knock me down, but I will keep on moving and improving myself. I will get close to that college diploma someday, with the important lessons in life caused by this educational delay. Namaste. :)


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