Human Cat (Dream)

Last night, I dreamt that I was in my university. I was with my roommate (and closest friend here) and a schoolmate I am crushing on. Eventually, the three of us parted ways. Then, I found myself in my college and a man tried to talk to me. He asked me why I had no friends, except the two people whom I was with earlier. I tried to refute his statement, but I suddenly noticed that his mouth was unusual. It was like a cat’s mouth but he was human. He had long hair reaching up to his shoulders. He has the nose of a dog but seems like a cat talking like a human. I tried to get away from him but he chased me. I really didn’t like it, he was annoying. Then I woke up.

Lawrence: Well, I think it means that you are not a pet person, and don’t like anyone questioning you about anything. It means you get away from people who bother you. Part of you is maybe a bit of a loner. Not a bad dream at all. I don’t think you will be getting a pet anytime soon lol. 


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