Hiding the Chickens Before They Are Hatched: Keeping Secret Plans


That’s why I want to keep my plans a secret for now.

Before, I have always announced my plans to my friends. More often than not, I get negative feedback even though I believe in my ability to achieve them. I get discouraged for I hear comments regarding their perceived lack of my abilities – and because of that, I was likely to heed their naysays and I end up leaving those plans behind. Now I realize that they are always entitled to their own opinion, but it doesn’t mean that they are right. I am still the one who creates my own life no matter what they say.

But I realize that I behave the same way when people in my life tell me about their big goals in life. I become pessimistic and I tell them why I don’t think they would ever accomplish that. Guess what? I turns out that I was just intimidated by their ambitions and their drive to achieve success. I also have the tendency to discourage other people’s dreams if that specific dream does not work out for me. In short, I project my own insecurities and fears onto them and I end up discouraging someone.

This is a part of life. In this 3D illusion, we think that we are all in a race, that we are meant to get to the top of our own Mount Everests and prove our worth to other people. Astrologically speaking, people always go to their 10th house cusps, or Midheavens, for their aspirations in life. For their careers, reputations, and social status. We need to reach our mountains in order to sustain our lifestyles and to have internal satisfaction. This pressure to seek our place in the world often starts to throb hard when we are 21 years old (transiting Saturn square our natal Saturn).

Since we are in an illusion of race in life, some people perceive this as a competition, rather than taking our own unique journeys. For this reason, I realized that I had to keep my plans a secret for now. Not for competitive purposes, but to protect my precious desires, ambitions, and goals in life. Studies show that when we announce what we are going to do before we actually do it, we get an impartial sense of accomplishment which lessens our motivation to do what we ought to do. We are also likely to get negative feedback from others – there will always be naysayers and we can’t stop them from doing so. It is actually a projection of their own fears regarding their goals in life. You don’t want your goals to be tainted by negative energy. I personally just kept mine a secret among my closest friend and my family.

Also, people tend to count the chickens before they are hatched. It results to expectations that might not be realistic for the time being. Now that Saturn has knocked my head and made me realize that I cannot be dependent on my parents forever, I just realized how hard it is to earn money, to settle a place for yourself in the world, and to have people see your worth if you haven’t developed any skill. For the past year I have been working on unrealistic goals which are spirituality and inner beauty – but they are goals nonetheless. I have learned to how to rectify myself internally, to be humble, and to regard everyone as my equal. Without the external or material illusions that each of us carry, we are all just the same. We all have the same needs, feelings, and God source.  

Another reason why I plan to keep my goals a secret for now is because of the fact that, whether we admit it or not, there are always people around us who do not want us to succeed. I once had a friend who cried and got angry at me because I got higher grades than him. I also had another friend who told me straight to my face that they (his group of friends) were looking down on me because they think I am not on their level. (I cut ties with that person several months later.) Remember that not all people who seem to be your friends really want you to soar higher. Some people see the world as a battlefield. When you blurt out your dreams to these people, or to the wrong people, you can expect smirks, mocks, or any comment that may upset you – especially if you want to reach a goal that is very unconventional. You don’t need negativity. These are only unnecessary blocks to your journey. And whether we like it or not, there are people in this world that sabotages others in order to get ahead.

I have thought of this last night – and it was a gut instinct. Perhaps it was whispered by one of the angels around. Aside from protecting my dreams from negativity, I also wanted myself to be kept motivated by secrecy. Think about it this way – your goals are like your lust. They pester you like lust. By blurting it out to everyone (like masturbation), perhaps to get some help (unfortunately, most people are focused on their own goals and would not like to give their time away to another lost soul, unless it is a time-tested friend), you give yourself some partial satisfaction (e.g. ejaculation) instead of going for the real thing (real sex). You let the excitement evaporate. And you let any unnecessary comment or reaction get in your way energetically. I personally think that it is better to keep quiet unless there is already a tangible form of progress sculpted by your own godly hands.
“If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.” –Albert Einstein
Remember that no matter what happens, the race is not yet over. Keep the warrior spirit in you alive.


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