Elementary School (Dream)

I saw a Korean father that I watch in a Korean show “The Return of Superman” – his name is Lee Hwijae. He is a father of twins in that childcare reality show. He went into a construction site but the foreman did not see him so he was hurt. He was missing for a little while but then they discovered that he was already dead and his face was deformed by the accident. He was accidentally killed by the construction workers and I felt bad for that, in addition to the fact that his face was horrifyingly deformed.

Then I was suddenly in my elementary school. My friends and I were sitting near the part of the school where toddlers learn. One female teacher went near us and she was being mean to my friend. My friend eventually sobbed, saying that that teacher was happy for the fact that she had failing grades. That same teacher gave me a very big book that contains my clearances and accountabilities that I have to do before I can graduate. I was really big and on the cover page there was a paper stuck to it that said I have to still write for the school newspaper in order to graduate. I felt lost because something was going on at that time and people were preparing for something. I am also not interested in writing for school publications although I used to do it, because I do not like structured writing – I want it freestyle, raw, and not controlled by anyone or anything.

Then, I found myself in a room where I spent my first grade in real life. I was wearing a hot pink crop top and a black mini skirt. Something was going on, I just had no idea what it was. A teacher came by to inspect our clothes. They said that something formal would he happening, something like a holy mass, so I worried because I had inappropriate clothes on. However, as we were inspected, my skirt suddenly lengthened by itself and I noticed that I suddenly had pants inside my skirt. By then my modesty was very apparent.

Then, another teacher came in the classroom and inspected our hygiene. She called out a few students to go outside, including me, and she made us brush our teeth. And so we brushed our teeth. I was the last to finish and the sink was filled with water that is bubbly (because of toothbrushing) but dirty.

My Interpretation:

Gosh, it was a long dream! I’m glad I can remember more and more! Actually, I sought help from my angels and guides last night to please give me guidance through a dream that I would remember waking up.

I was horrified by the part in my dream where someone died and I saw his deformed face. I thought it would mean something like death in my life, like death of someone who I used to be because of what happened to me recently in school, and his deformed face may be my reputation – it might have been destroyed because I would be spending six years in college – and that is a very long time.

The big book of my clearances and accountabilities in school may represent how overwhelmed I am until now of my responsibilities and obligations as a college student that just cannot graduate on time. The requirement that I should write for the school paper in order to graduate may just represent my undergraduate thesis that I cannot just seem to finish because research and literary analysis is not my passion. It is just too dried, structured – and I am sure that my undergraduate thesis would just rot in the libraries of my university.

That was all that I could interpret – the wearing of the skirt and the brushing of teeth was actually a mystery to me. Even online dictionaries couldn’t provide me meanings that resonate with me.

A Psychic’s Interpretation:

The part of you wearing miniskirt and then suddenly pants were covering it, is a message not to get pregnant. Don’t open your miniskirt legs to anyone. The pants are there to keep you from getting intimate. If you do get involved with someone soon, you better make sure he is using condoms. Or you can get pregnant and you wouldn’t be happy with that.

This dream is not about writing at all even if it was in the dream. You basically you don’t like school, period – and can’t wait to get out of education. Bear with it and finish your education.

Brushing teeth is taking care of your health. The dirty water in the sink is related to not taking care of your health. Brush all the time, don’t do drugs, don’t drink too much alcohol, and keep the body clean.

The dirty water means your thoughts might be clouded with too many decisions to make and you can’t see clearly which decisions to make.

Deformed face means you see someone’s inner ugliness around you for sure. Love and hate are neighbors. (My comment: Ooh… I definitely notice those hints. The only clue I can give is that that person is a wolf in a good-looking sheep's clothing.)


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