The Heart Picks Who to Love (Psychic Reading)

Me: My ex-boyfriend called about an hour ago to greet me for my birthday, but he also reminded me of some things in the past. Well, the thing is, I always get ridiculed by people – they say that I always pick the wrong boyfriend, saying that they are unattractive, unambitious, or that we are not a good pair. Looking back, I somehow agree; well, most of them are right, so I don’t want to repeat my mistakes again. I have this addiction to relationships to fill my inner emptiness but I am trying to get out of that now so the next time I enter a relationship, I would be genuinely happy and not regret having my next relationship even though I may not marry that person.

I have asked about the same thing over and over but my question is, am I meant to have a relationship with an equal soon or am I better off single for a long time? (I have Saturn in the 7th house)

Lawrence: Hi Anthea
When it comes to relationships the heart picks who to love – if you get involved with someone but you don’t have a major heart connection, it will fail somewhere down the road.
I felt like at age 24 you will be with the right commitment person in life.
At least you know your addiction, which is good. It is best to have girlfriends who really like being around you so you don’t feel empty and a need for a man.
I think you will still meet men whom you will get involved with a few times in the next couple of years.
It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person and waste your time in life.
Wait till the heart tells you the truth.
It doesn’t matter what people think when you get involved with someone. It all depends on what you think and feel about someone. You don’t need someone’s approval or comments that you’re not seeking to interfere with your relationship. Usually jealous people look for negative things around you.
Did I help?
Happy birthday again.


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