Pretty Italian Woman in Past Life

It’s been more than a month since I’ve had my third past life regression. I only posted this now because I have so many responsibilities in school. Before I had a guided past life hypnosis, I asked my higher self to make me remember one past life wherein I was thriving, abundant, and living my heart’s desire. I asked for a buffer life wherein I wasn’t given a hard life; one that is so easy and happy for me. I honestly did not expect what I have seen, because it seemed to me that that kind of identity was innately in me, although I do not show it externally. In this past life, I was a pretty Italian woman in the 1950s Venice.

In this particular past life regression, I knew I was a woman, and a very feminine one, since I felt a surge of lively feminine energy. It was rather vivacious, and I bet I was a Leo during that lifetime. I had that kind of energy. When I looked at my feet, I noticed that I was wearing a floral pair of shoes. Something like doll shoes. I was also wearing a 1950s dress, short-sleeved, something like a balloon dress since there was a petticoat but the dress was only up to my knees. It was very fancy; my fashion style was vintage-y. I had a long straight blonde hair and I wore red lipstick. I was very beautiful. My name starts with the letter “J” but I couldn’t clearly identify what that is. I think I was a Jenny, Jenna, or Jennifer. And I noticed that I was by some kind of a river, and my intuition told me that it was Venice in the 1950s.

It was a really good life for me, I think. I was in my early twenties at that time and I was treated like a movie star. I don’t know if I was one; I just had that kind of life. I was just all-smiles, people everywhere know me, and I smile and wave at them like I’m Madonna. My home was also very fancy – it was glittering with white, gold, and chandeliers, and I had a maid and a butler. And there was also a handsome man who might be my partner or boyfriend, wearing tuxedo. I was a lady and I was treated like a lady. I was beautiful, I had a very attractive partner, I was rich, I didn’t have to work my ass off – It was a pretty easy life. It was nearly perfect and yet it felt like there was still something in me that was unfulfilled. Perhaps it was because I did not see myself having a child in that regression. I was so focused on myself, and the beauty and fame which I was blessed with. But I was really happy with my life – no doubt about that.

I think I understand why that lifetime came up when I asked for a buffer life. I was really thriving and happy and had less worries than I have now. I had an unmistakable innocence, I was kind, happy, and I really lived from my heart. That’s why I thought I might be a Leo during that time lol. A very fulfilled Leo woman. I was not necessarily doing anything, like some kind of important work for humanity – I was just being a beautiful woman in that lifetime. In my brief past life regression, there were no significant life events that I have seen, I did not cry too – which was weird since I have always cried in my past life regressions. I also don’t think I had any child. I was really content with my life back them but there was a tiny bit of emptiness for not having children or having no one to share my abundance with.

 Having reflected on this particular past life, specifically on its relevance to my current life, there is no doubt that that Italian woman was me. It was really me. I might just have chosen a different natal chart or astrological placements for that life, but its soul essence was basically me. We have different personalities – that girl was outgoing and vivacious, while I am shy and reserved. Nonetheless, my love for beauty, attention, and Venusian luxury is still there. I can still feel Jenny inside me especially when it comes to everything that’s feminine and beautiful. She was like Venus personified, and that’s the persona that I really wanted to be. She embodied that. Now I have Venus sextile my ascendant; if I wanted to, I could just switch to that Jenny persona anytime. Namaste.


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