Mean Boys and Ex-President Aquino (Dream)

Ex-President Noynoy greeted me happy birthday.

Me: Hi Lawrence! I’m loaded with dreams, just tell me when to stop pestering you XD. I dreamt that I was with a guy whom I have feelings for, and he was being mean to me. I think we were supposed to go together somewhere but he made me cry. I was crying in my dream and his friend noticed it. He wouldn’t believe it at first. He only got concerned when I cried. But I went ahead immediately; I did not wait for him because he hurt me. Then, I was suddenly in a ship with other people. Another guy whom I was crushing on was being insensitive to me again, so I tried to really ignore him. I was running away from them in the ship but I couldn’t run fast although I was really trying. Now the weird part is that when I went to another ship, like we were supposed to, I was greeted by the Philippines’s ex-president Benigno Aquino III (the one who preceded our current President Duterte), together with other government officials/employees, and they greeted me happy birthday.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea, easy one: Government people are in power; it might mean that successful people are what you are looking for. You get attracted to the wrong men who have no big future ahead of them – then they treat you mean.
You should marry someone in power who also loves you. You can’t be with struggling men in life.
Only those in some kind of power.
Go out with successful men – or those who are like studying to be a doctor, lawyer, etc.
Hope that helps. :)

Me: Oh yes you are totally right. Guys treat me as if I am not important at all. They take my sweetness for granted but then they resent me for being a snob when I realize that they cannot give me a stable future. Now I realize that all men I have been involved with are not really preparing for their future. Some of them are handsome but are just empty cans who care for external things rather than cultivating their inner selves. All of my ex-boyfriends have no big ambitions – they just want to play computer games (DOTA), drink with their friends, or have one night stands. I remember trying to change them but they just won’t. But I won’t be struggling in the future too, right? When you said “you can’t be with struggling men in life” is it because I am meant to marry a successful one or I just can’t stand on my own feet?

Lawrence: You can stand on your own two feet – but you need security in the future with an ambitious man who will be successful in business of some kind.
Don’t date just for companionship and sexual needs, save yourself for a quality person.

Now that’s my Saturn in the 7th house being played out. My natal chart is already activated. No wonder I resent my ex-boyfriends for being lazy and unambitious. And it’s actually ironic that the less ambitious, intelligent, or responsible the man I was with is, the more he treats me like a doormat. You would think that they would treat me like a goddess for that but they didn’t. Some of them begrudged me because they felt insecure and they were telling me to tone down my “strong personality” a little bit and display my knowledge less. Because of these experiences, I have realized that players (I’m referring to men here) are usually insecure of themselves and they do not know what they want in life. They don’t trust themselves that’s why they can’t be loyal and responsible to one woman. Probably they are using women to cover up the insecurities that they feel inside. While mature, responsible, and successful men, on the other hand, may likely be patient in waiting for their ideal women and may be more loyal and trustworthy because they already feel secure in themselves. Good thing I haven’t given up my virginity yet because I will only give it to the person who deserves it.


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