Lonely in a Crowd (Dream)

Me: Last night I dreamt that I was in a college where my elementary schoolmates and teachers are. But this is a weird school; it’s kind of isolated. I was with my elementary teacher who cares about me and I went to her crying because people are being mean to me in my physical education class. I told her I want to change subjects. Now, as we were finding out what new subject I could get to change the previous one, I met an elementary classmate whom I was infatuated before – but now we are only friends. I noticed that the male students around me wore white tuxedos and pants and they all looked classy. Now this male friend told me to change into a white dress, like that of the southern belles. So I wore the white dress, and it was beautiful. However, the place really felt weird because the students are too few and I feel like nobody can get there easily. What could that mean?

Lawrence: Hi, you let a man tell you what to do by putting on a white dress.
The few people there means there is not enough attention there for you – it’s like being on an island.
It has to be with being with your friends and still feeling alone in that crowd.
Classy men means you like the way men look when they’re dressed up.
So you like fashion.
You might still feel alone in a crowd; you need a good friend not just a lover.
Close friends last forever, lovers don’t.

Did I help?

P.S. Dream on :)


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