Life Purpose (Psychic Reading)


Hello Lawrence?

Am I meant to do different things in this lifetime? I mean career-wise or in service to the world? If not, what should be my main focus? What is my soul meant to learn here?

Thanks a lot, my birthday is coming up :D


Hi Anthea

Happy birthday in two days, it’s coming up, wow still in your early 20s lucky you
You need to be around things related to entertainment –
Acting – through it it feels like you would get the attention you need; you are not a 9 to 5 office worker
But I get the vibes you will be with someone who has money in life so you will be okay :)
It doesn’t matter if you’re shy, just take a class in it and see how it goes for you,
You need people to pay attention to you.

If I was there I’d take you to lunch for your birthday:)



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