Instant Healing (Angel Miracle #2)

Guido Reni's Archangel Michael Tramping Lucifer, 1636.

I’ve wanted to share this for a long time but I only had time to blog this week because of overwhelming school works. I also tried having a long afternoon nap earlier because I couldn’t talk about spiritual stuff when my mind is filled with mundane worries and comment fights on Youtube regarding Philippine politics. I want to share personal experiences with angels although I haven’t been able to see them. It’s just that angels have never failed us. Ask for their help and they will really help in any way that they can. Although nowadays the stench of Christianity or of religion in general is being widely exposed, we can never say that the things that they teach are invalid or nonsensical. There is really no black and white – only gray. I am actually grateful that I have been introduced by my mother to Jesus, Mary, and the angels. My mother taught me how to pray. Even up to this day, this particular teaching of my mother regarding prayers is still with me even though I am a non-practicing Catholic.

When I was a freshman in college, I had very irritable roommates. Because of that I cannot be myself when I’m in the room. I always had to act in caution for fear of “offending” them in even small ways. I swear I thought I was cursed for having been assigned to that room in the dormitory. I didn’t do anything to them and yet they backstab me all the time to their other friends who also knew me. I am not bragging but I think it’s jealousy. And I just happened to be in the wrong company. Anyway, they had an issue about my alarm clock. I had to wake up early every day for my classes and they hate it when they hear my alarm. Instead of talking to me about it, they badmouth me to others. A friend talked to me about me about it and I was butt hurt, of course. I had no choice but to pray every night and ask the angels to wake me up early so I wouldn’t get late for my classes. And guess what, I really woke up early without an alarm clock. It was almost impossible because I am a very big sleeper and it’s hard for me to wake up. Perhaps it’s also because I lack fire in my natal chart. Haha. I’m water- and earth-dominant.

There were many times that I’ve asked for angelic assistance in my life but I couldn’t recount them all. And when there is a big problem that worries me, aside from seeking help from Jesus, Buddha, my dead grandmother, and the spirit guides around me, I also ask help from archangels – mainly Michael and Raphael. One time I went to the city alone, and the travelling time back and forth was four hours. I had to buy things for myself and I encountered a man with sore eyes in the jeepney. When it was time for me to travel back home, my left eye got very itchy, dry, and sandy. I was rubbing it but it only got worse. When I checked my eye in the mirror, I was horrified because I was sure that I got a sore eye. I could already see pus being expelled by my left eye. And because I still had to go to school a day or two after that day, I panicked. I asked Archangel Raphael for instant healing (he is the archangel of healing). And just about thirty minutes later, my left eye was not itchy anymore. I looked at my compact mirror and the soreness in my eye was really gone. From that moment on I haven’t doubted the responsiveness and pure benevolence of the angels. 


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