Ideal Life Partner (Dream)

During the night of October 8th, I had a long dream with parts that are hard to connect to each other. It was fragmented and I cannot understand the storyline. I dreamt about being in a dark place and finding my way out – but before I got out of the place, I found Gigi Young near the exit. Gigi Young is a Canadian, a former model, who currently talks about metaphysical and spiritual stuff on Youtube. It felt like she was the light at the end of the tunnel. We chatted and we clicked; and we both agreed that the place had some weird and evil vibes. However, I felt safe when I was with her.

Then, I was with a baby whom I was sure was not mine, but I loved him very much. I really did in my dream. I wanted so much to hold him and I was always holding him in my dream. I was kissing the baby and my mouth pinched the baby’s chin because he was so cute, but then the baby suddenly talked and told me that it hurt. He did not cry though. He was really cute, I wanted that baby.

Then the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion started playing – especially the instrumental part at the intro that sounds like being played with a flute. Then someone in front of us started drawing in a blackboard in a very creative way. It was a really good drawing with harmonious lines. Then we started saying, “wow!” to the person who drew in front of us.

I e-mailed this to my psychic friend to help me find out what that dream means although my roommate and I were already suspecting something regarding the dream’s meaning, and this is what he said:

Hi Miss Dreamer,

This is an easy one. My vibes is that you really need a relationship with someone maybe just a bit older, who is on the spiritual path and who can love you and help you grow emotionally, a mentor type of person for your commitment in life, someone who you can love back and have feelings for and having a child with that person.

So a part of your soul wants a commitment with one person who can help you grow in life and have spiritual connection. He may be artistic, which would be even more of a turn on for you.

Boys your age are not as spiritual and you don’t connect with them other than physically.
That’s my vibes on it, what do you think?

Well, I think that he’s super accurate; especially when he said that boys my age are not as spiritual. I really cannot connect with them and they do not care about my thoughts at all. I have so much in my mind that I cannot tell to just anybody, those that I wanted to share with my other half, but so far none of the boys I have been with genuinely care about spirituality and my other metaphysical interests. And although I may say now that I do not need a guy in order to be happy, even by subconscious disagrees with it. Not that I am super dependent and clingy, which is bad, but sharing is innate in my being. I have to share in order to be happy. Perhaps that is one manifestation of having a Libra Sun. I have this intense desire of sharing my love to one being who deserves it. Anyway, at least I know now what my soul wants in a lifetime partner. He has to be spiritual, able to teach me many things, cares for my emotions and not perceiving me as dramatic for having a Cancer Moon, and artistic so he wouldn’t be as dry as those who only use the rational part of their minds. :)


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