Dreams: World of Symbols

There is something about symbols that creeps me out. Human beings use symbols all the time to communicate; but the symbols that we use are most of the time familiar and have dictionaries of meanings everywhere. Dreams, however, use weird symbols to communicate something to us. Symbols that are surreal, strange, and kind of distorted. Our subconscious, higher selves, or the spirit world definitely have good intentions in giving our dreams to our sleeping selves, but our dreams’ incompatibility to the third dimensional rationality is just so mysterious that it creeps me out all the time. Just a few minutes earlier I have read (but not analyzed or searched the internet for its literary analysis) Jorge Luis Borges’ “The Secret Miracle” and this is one of the passages that have creeped me out:
Toward dawn, he dreamt he had hidden himself in one of the naves of the Clementine Library. A librarian wearing dark glasses asked him: What are you looking for? Hladik answered: God. The Librarian told him: God is in one of the letters on one of the pages of one of the 400,000 volumes of the Clementine. My fathers and the fathers of my fathers have sought after that letter. I've gone blind looking for it. He removed his glasses, and Hladik saw that his eyes were dead.

We always dream but we do not always remember. I, however, often remember my dreams because I have set an intention a few years ago that I would like to remember my dreams because of their spiritual significance. I also over-analyze things, and that’s what makes me want to remember my own dreams. Nevertheless, creepy dreams are creepy. Creepy symbolisms are creepy. Symbols that are too taboo or unusual or kind of “evil” or basically those that we normally don’t want to see don’t fail to give us a feeling of fear when they suddenly surface. Be it in dreams or in literature, symbolisms that have an eerie feeling to them usually hold some unarguable truths in them. Those are the things that are true, but we may not want to see or accept. I don’t exactly know what it is exactly that is in our dreams that is very creepy. Whenever I search dream dictionaries for answers, I always feel like some invisible beings stare at me. They may be benevolent, but I feel like I am touching other dimensions when I try to poke my nose into these things. Anyways, good night, may we all have a peaceful sleep. 


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