Desperation Lowers One's Standards.

A “lack” mindset can lead us to grab on to anything that we can grab on to, just to fill in that inner void and to have a false or temporary sense of security. This “lack” mindset makes us worry about trivial things which results in staying with or sticking to things that are not really for us. This kind of mindset, which goes hand in hand with desperation, leads us far away from our true desires – and as we do that, we definitely lower our standards and settle for less.

Sometimes single people, in their desperation to have someone of the opposite sex to provide romance in their lives, just stick to people who are attracted to them even though they cannot really reciprocate the attraction and affection. The fact that the other person is crazy about them is already enough because it gives them a sense of security, an assurance that they are also loved. These relationships do not last, especially if the couple is not in the same level with each other. These would only lead to disappointment, heartaches, and times wasted. Being with someone for reasons other than love is like being trapped in a golden cage while bragging on to others how lovely and luxurious your shelter is. It is an act of total desperation, an act of lowering one’s standards. Do not mind people who tell you that you are a snob for rejecting someone you do not like. It is better than lowering your standards, pretending that you can learn to love them over time, and being unhappy for the rest of your life.

Sometimes impoverished people just content themselves into being maids, prostitutes, or gangsters because they want easy money and they feel like they are meant to be “inferior” people all their lives. I am not, by any means, saying that these people are indeed inferior. However, they think they are inferior so they do things that are against their principles and desires in order to afford three meals a day. Some of these people, instead of striving to mount higher like a mountain goat, doom themselves into their fate and do absolutely nothing to get themselves what they really deserve.

I am not saying that people who settle for less are absolute idiots. Some people are trapped by inevitable circumstances and by the environment that they are exposed to. In order to grab on to the opportunities that knock on our doors, like, for example, taking higher education despite unlikely circumstances, or being single for a long time to save yourself for the right person despite your fear of being alone, it takes bravery. No one can lend you bravery – you must cultivate it within yourself. And even though other people may bully or spit on your face, it is important to believe in yourself. It is easy to take in the insults of other people because being designed for the three-dimensional earth, humans do not hear how much their ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides cheer for them. Sometimes your pets do it too. Perhaps that wonderful stare of a child at your face says that this babe fresh from heaven also believes in your potential to be great or to achieve greatness. Limit your time with people who let you down and look at the other side with rainbows and flowers smiling at you and waiting for you to notice them. 


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