Cockroaches in my Mouth and Escaping from Abusive Man (Dreams)

Me: I dreamt that I was doing some challenges set by our professors. I was doing fine with the challenges but then a male professor said that I should put some stuff in my mouth and count them afterwards. But eventually, I realized that those were actually cockroaches! It was gross, but they he saying that I should count them and not get distracted. What could that mean?

And last two nights ago I dreamt that I was escaping from someone, an abusive male I think, but then people in my life were determined to take me back. I have done anything to escape and go to another island I think, but then my sister had found me and she had this very creepy smile.

Lawrence: Hi Anthea

Cockroaches in the mouth, to me means that you may be eating some bad food, fried stuff, sugary stuff – things you shouldn’t be eating too much; and your body doesn’t want it anymore and wants you to be aware of what you’re eating. That’s my vibe, not facts.

People who saved you in the second dream are your family. You want them to care for you more as a person and protect you against strangers, watch your back kind of thing. So you may want proof they are there for you in an emergency.

That’s the best I can give ya
Let me know if I helped



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