Beautiful Face (Dream)

I had a long dream last night but I only remembered clearly one small part of it. In my dream, I saw a girl I know in real life, a schoolmate here in the University of the Philippines, and I admire her beauty in real life. She has a harmonious and chic face and her body is like that of a model. In my dream, she smiled at me and showed her beautiful dimples which she doesn’t have in real life. Her skin in my dream was also milky smooth, which was rather ten times better than her skin in real life. It was a really beautiful sight. She is a Scorpio, but she looked Venusian in my dream. It was a really beautiful face. I was intrigued by what this meant so I e-mailed my favorite psychic from Los Angeles and this is what he said:

Hi Anthea

It basically means you enjoy people who look beautiful to you, men and women.
It also means you might get obsessed with how you look to other people and want to show your beautiful smile all the time.
If you studied the fashion field, clothing, makeup, etc. you might enjoy it, you might even enjoy modeling clothes.
If you do nothing you look fine to people :)
Keep a journal of your dreams since you’re dreaming more – it’s a good idea.

People see you looking attractive to them, talking about even strangers.
Now get some beauty sleep lol


Now that’s my Venus in 2nd house! I already see it manifesting, since astrologers say that our natal charts are not fully activated until we are 20 or 21 years old. Venus’s placement in the 2nd house means that the native will profit or make money in the beauty field or through marriage. With my Sun and North Node in Libra, I definitely have great ties with beauty. I wanted so bad to possess Venusian beauty and surround myself with luxury. And since the purpose of dreams is for people to follow what their subconscious says, I will probably study beauty someday. Ciao!


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