The Leper

As my roommate and I went into an eatery near our boarding house, we saw a leper buying his viand. It was actually the first time I saw a leper – I even doubted whether the man was really a leper or just had warts all over his face and body. However, it was really leprosy that came into my mind and my roommate confirmed it too. As I was choosing what viand I wanted to eat, I stood near the leper for a while so he would not think that I was avoiding him. My roommate, however, did her best to avoid. It is understandable since no one wants to be infected with such a disease. While it was obvious that people were avoiding him, one woman talked to him and that made me feel better.

I really felt sorry for the poor man. He did not, however, feel very creepy – unless you would really look at his skin. He was a kind man; and he just had to go to the eatery to get his food. He gets hungry too so he has the right to go out and buy food. Although I have thought earlier that he should just be inside his house so he would not scare people off, I realized that he had the right to go out – after all, he is still a part of this world. He has the right to enjoy the outdoors and let the sun heal him. The people around him were disgusted by his disease, and that made my heart ache for him. Most people really do care about external appearances, and that’s a sad fact especially for lepers and other people with physical deformities. He might have looked scary to people but I could really sense his good heart although he was really self-conscious.

After we ate there, I couldn’t take the leper out of my head. I feel so bad for him. I did not even look at him because I did not want to really internalize how horrible it was for him to have leprosy. Perhaps he cries himself to sleep. Perhaps he has cursed God for giving him such a disease. And perhaps he also curses himself for scaring people off. I might just be thinking nonsense (it’s Mercury Retrograde) but I thought of taking care of people like him so they won’t feel alone and hopeless. He does not deserve it, really. I do not know how to help him since I won’t be pursuing a medical profession so I just prayed to Archangel Michael, enveloped in his healing emerald light, to heal the leper. I also told him to include other healing spirits so the leper’s recovery would be quicker. If I remember him, I would really pray for him. And if you happen to see this, please pray for him too. 


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