Painting the Sky (Dream)

Lavender Sky Seascape by Linda Koelbel

In my dream, I remember that there are two older girls who were making me paint some pictures for them. First, they let me paint a pretty sky with clouds that produce lightning. I was just in the process of drawing the lightning bolts when one of the girls made me write her name on the paper. It was “Laguia”. It was a name that I have never heard before. The sky with a lightning on it was also not threatening – it just contained lightning but the sky was really colorful and fun. Then, the two older girls showed me a painting that I was supposed to paint too. When I saw the painting, I was mesmerized and I couldn’t take my eyes off the paper. It was a watercolor painting of the sky with a big, pretty cloud. It was painted in pastel shades of blue, white, and lavender. As I was looking at the lovely painting of the sky, I was pretty sure that I could paint it. After all, the painting style done to the painting was very similar to mine.

The cloud was pretty big anyway. I consulted Auntyflo’s dream dictionary and painting and sky has these meanings:
On dreaming of Paint or Painting, one is going through an extremely creative and connected part of their life when they are able to literally paint what is it that they want to experience in life. This is a time in which you are the creator of your world.
Seeing the sky in a dream is associated with your sublimeness, state of being majestic, and infinite freedom. Spiritually, the sky is the symbol of infinity and limitless possibilities. The sky refers to your strife for a better life and higher achievements.

The lightning, too, has a positive meaning according to online dream dictionaries. It generally symbolizes happiness and opulence; and it might also represent sudden or surprising events. The lightning that I was trying to paint in my dream was not really threatening as I have said, so I doubt that it has a negative meaning. It is the first painting so it might symbolize the past, or maybe the recent past. The act of making me write the strange name of “Laguia” might symbolize the present. I have googled the name and nothing interesting came up except for Spanish stuff. I think Laguia might be the name of one of my spirit guides and she is helping me at the present moment. Those two girls may be my spirit guides. The second and last painting, which was already finished and was just shown to me, is a beautiful sky with a beautiful big cloud. I think it means that I can definitely paint a happy and wonderful future for me because it has already been painted for me. And the fact that these two older girls gave me the beautiful picture for me to paint may be a reassurance that there really are spirit guides by my side who want me to create my own happy, free, and satisfying future. Also, when I felt that the painting style done to the beautiful painting was very similar to my own, it might signify that the future me have already created that painting and that I was just going to do it in the present moment. I am definitely not an expert in decoding dreams, but this is what I think my higher self is telling me at the moment. Namaste!


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