My Saturn in the 7th House

“I’d rather make you single than let you be with the wrong person.”Cherry

Here are excerpts of articles online about Saturn in the seventh house of marriage and relationships, to start off with this post:

Wherever Saturn is in the chart we are forced to wait, and the seventh house love tunnel is no different. Love tends to be elusive and prospective partners are few and far in between, however, once the work is done Saturn will have sent the zodiac’s most precious gift package.
Without love, the individual may experience harsh feelings of self-deprecation and inadequacy, but Saturn won’t stand by while he enters relationships out of loneliness and not love. He will be forced to love the person in the mirror before he is given free reign amongst others. The presence of others is typically used to repress the individual’s own feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.
Until he has learned his lessons, Saturn will repeat them, and the constant wrestling of the “missing” feeling, the empty void, the desire for the touch of another, fused with the urge for solitude leaves the individual with an arduous inner life.
The individual is forced to confront the hourglass planet’s famous time delay’s in love, and may feel as if he will be alone forever, nursing his own solitude, dreaming of the arms wrapped around their waist. But this is his own deceptive thinking. And the planet with the ring already wrapped around it has a greater diamond waiting for them.

With your natal Saturn in your 7th house, you tend to struggle with relationships and commitment when young. Generally, you’re not successful with these things until after your first Saturn return (29 – 30 y/o).
You may not be the kind of person who has many relationships, focusing on other parts of your life first.

Relationships are not always easy, and sometimes the individual with this placement feels as if they have little or no romantic possibilities.
Prestige and standing may also be important credentials in potential mate, and sometimes they look for a partner who can provide a safe and secure life.
They may look for a conventional partner, marry late in life, or choose a partner who is more mature and already established.

Saturn is symbolic of a controlling figure in our lives, one who is concerned with discipline, restrictions, and commitment. So in the seventh house there can be some conflict, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure you’re with the right person. 

Many people get surprised when I tell them that I have no boyfriend.

I am in no way being narcissistic here, but people tell me that they cannot believe that I am single because they say I am attractive. When I tell them that I have no suitors either, they really get surprised. So that makes me think, do women really have to have many suitors in order to support the fact that they are pretty? I know a lot of attractive and pretty women in my life who have barren love lives and they are pretty fine with it. They are amazing and lovely, but the fact that they have no suitors or boyfriends at the moment does not invalidate the fact that they are attractive. Maybe some people determine one’s attractiveness in counting the number of admirers you have at the moment, or the boyfriends that you’ve had, but for me it’s bullshit. It’s not about that all the time.

Today I am going to share about my experiences so far about my Saturn in the 7th house. I am a very relationship-oriented person – and a lot of aspects in my natal chart support that fact. I have a Libra Sun, Libra North Node, and Saturn in the 7th house. Our North Nodes are indicative of our life’s purpose in our current incarnation. In this lifetime, my soul is obliged to make heart to heart connections with people because I have found out in my past life regressions that I am often alone, independent, betrayed, and scared of making connections with other people. The past lives that I have been shown have a theme of loneliness. This North Node of mine conjuncts with my Sun sign which helps me connect more to my purpose and gives it a boost because being relationship-oriented is already in my personality. Saturn, the planet of karma, however, is in my seventh house of relationships. Although I am always drawn to relationships, I’ve never had an easy one. This is one area of my life that I am constantly working on. It’s either Saturn prevents me from being the wrong person even before a relationship would form, or Saturn would let me suffer the consequences of lowering my standards just to have a relationship.

I notice that I have this pattern of getting into a relationship out of loneliness. I have this ideal man in my head but this ideal man is very elusive. I just can’t reach him. Those men that embody the traits that I like in a partner are either already in a relationship or just won’t commit to me. And so, I have this tendency of settling for less, just because this man gives me the attention and affection that I want. Most of the time, I cannot reciprocate the love of these men. During the course of my past relationships with them, I often find my eyes wandering and desiring other men. I have cheated with two ex-boyfriends just to have an excuse to escape the relationships where I was unhappy. However, I cannot escape easily. Saturn in my 7th house demands commitment and responsibility and these past boyfriends would do anything just to make me stay, even if they know that those relationships are already harming us. I’ve never had a light-hearted relationship. Everything is messy and intense. Perhaps that is one way of Father Saturn’s way of telling me that I am not yet ready, or that I am obviously with the wrong people.

When I say that I have no suitors now, it is true. But that doesn’t mean that no guy gets near me or becomes interested in me. I get approached but then I reject them right away especially if I feel like they are not right for me. Based on my past relationship experiences, nothing good comes out of settling for less. Your partner should have the same amount of courage, intellect, wisdom, and kindness as you do. I know that it is very egotistical to put things or people in hierarchies but there is some truth in that. In a spiritual standpoint, there just people who are less or more evolved than you. People who are not in the same ground as you will not be able to understand you and the relationship will most likely only fail. Now that I am more awakened by my mistakes, I noticed that the men who approach me only want a relationship to have sexual benefits. How can I say that? Because they are not working on themselves, not achieving great things, not expanding their knowledge and wisdom, and not trying to get to know me on a deeper level. If the person who woos you is superficial, then most probably he/she only wants something superficial out of a relationship too. I reject suitors immediately because I have learned that. But I have only been called snobbish by men who can’t reach my standards.

I only protect myself you know. I both have Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in the 7th house which means that I take relationships very seriously. And I always want my partner to be my husband. This scares some people off, but that just means that they are not the right ones for me. My soul desires something serious and there is nothing wrong with that. The relationship aspect of my life is just very intense. It is something that I want to perfect and get right, but it just fails most of the time. It really feels very karmic, if you’d ask me. And when someone whom I like initially gives me love and attention but then withdraws unintentionally because of being busy or whatever, I start feeling insecure. My Saturn in the 7th house just wants stability and commitment, and Saturn might just want to tie the knot between me and a person of interest. I don’t like flings. If you want me and I like you, don’t back out in the middle of the courtship. It makes me want to kill you. It hurts me a lot. And I just have this feeling of deep loneliness, deep emptiness whenever I am not in a relationship. Saturn’s lesson for me may already be obvious for some, but it’s super obscure. Perhaps relationships would only distract me from achieving my goals and doing some things for myself – but can I just have both relationship and career? Why am I given this desire for a relationship when life would only give me the wrong people and take away the people I want? Why am I given barrenness or constant failure in relationships when deep inside I just want to be happy with someone? I promise you, this placement is really hard. It takes a toll on the native’s self-esteem. And that, my friends, is my experience with this Saturn placement. 


  1. Hey there) I can relate to many things that you've mentioned. 23 year old here with hourglass figure, 5.11 height and pretty face. And never had a boyfriend)Never even had sex, which drives all my friends crazy. And way too many guys have said that i have unrealistic standards, well, thing is, we - 7th house saturnians tend to have standards for ourselves too. We struggle and we have to work hard on ourselves in the first place( since sat looks directly at the asc). And i believe that the work on ourselves and determination to setlle with no less than a nice guy on the same wavelenghth aka the Prince Charming will eventually pay off and we will find what we seek. Plus saturn is in the 10th from the 10th - so it actually influences our career a lot, because i've seen a lot of cases(including mine) that we tend to have the same approach to our careers(unless it's in a bad dignity). So we are scared to settle with something less than an awesome career and we have a fear here to lose our way in the world and be doing smth that makes no sence. So believe it is a very good placement for someone - it puts us on our knees, to the depth of darkness and we emerge stronger than ever and ready to work 10 times harder to achieve our aims in personal life and career and ourselves. It's a blessing.

    1. I agree that it is a blessing to us but especially for people who have fire/air heavy charts or mutable heavy charts with little to no earth/fixed planets which predisposes someone to flakiness & impulsiveness which results to infidelity. Because all Saturn wants is something long lasting & through our 7th houses, he wants someone who is perfect for us (aka Mr. or Ms. Right) to spend the rest of our lives with. It's like an apple tree, those apples that are hardest to reach are the most delicious one & so those who makes the effort to climb for it are the ones who are deserving. I actually feel very comfortable with this placement (though I don't know if it has something to do with me having an overall strong Saturn emphasis on my chart).

  2. I can totally relate. Everything you said resonates with me. I have a strong Saturn & not only it is located in my 7th house but also conjuncts it in an exact orb which also means that it exactly opposes my 1st house & exactly squares my Midheaven/10th house, Moon & chart ruler. So not only is Saturn making a heavy impact on my relationships but also on my entire lifetime, overall personality, emotions & career. I don't understand why there is such a thing as flings & friends with benefits and I wonder why enter relationships or any contract agreement when you cannot even commit to it. I've been an old-soul since I was young & despite my Sun in Aries, Venus in Gemini & a mutable heavy chart, I'm in no way an extroverted, impulsive, flaky, scatterbrained person (I'm an ISTJ as per Myer-Briggs). Going back to 7th house, as the cliche goes, we must learn to love ourselves first before loving someone. That cliche is very much a 7th house Saturn theme. Contrary to what many of us thinks, loving ourselves is very different from being a self-centered or narcissist. It is about fully accepting ourselves flaws & all. It also means that taking responsibility & accountability for all our actions & not blame it on someone. This is what astrologers meant by "embracing our Saturn". Same thing applies for people with Capricorn on 7th house, Venus conjunct Saturn or Venus in Capricorn.

    1. and also saturn tightly opposes my mercury


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