Mercury Retrograde Experiences

If you don’t know what a  mercury retrograde is, other websites will be better in explaining the concept because I am not an expert or an astrologer, but only an astrology enthusiast who loves discovering the archetypes around her through the zodiac, houses, and planets. In this blog post, I will be listing my mercury retrograde experiences starting from today. It will be updated when the planet encounters mercury retrograde again in the future.

September 2016:

Former Suitors
Some suitors that I have rejected before have revisited my life. Some of them just make their interest known again, some of them are just bored so they flirt with me, while two of them seem to be obsessed and are not backing down despite the countless rejections they experience from me. Some are ex-boyfriends that want a second chance, but I really don’t give a shit anymore about them, honestly. I will be just burnt again if I rekindle an old flame. Plus, all of them don’t really love me – they just came back perhaps because they are loveless, wanting an ego boost, or just pretty shameless.

Former Relationship
An ex-boyfriend of mine still texts and calls me. He still flirts with me so I thought I’d give it a chance. When I started saying that I still love him, he told me that he is courting someone and that was a slap to my face. Why are you flirting with me all this time when you already have someone that you like? I firmly told him to stop communicating with me because I will also stop responding to him, but then he told me that it was just a joke. However, it was already the second time that he joked the same joke this month that I thought it was not really a joke. I will never respond to him again, and certainly we will never have a dinner again. The last time we had dinner (he was already an ex) was horrible because that selfish asshole showed his ugly horns again. I miss our happy moments but I will definitely be gone from his life. I blocked him on social media.

Lower Vibration
Since the start of mercury retrograde in the last week of August, I started getting easily tired, sad, prone to anger, and very emotional. I also get haunted by my suppressed emotions, severed ties with no closure, past traumas and pain, etc. For me, mercury retrograde is a time of emotional triggers. Things pop up that just instantly makes me upset – although my reaction today is calmer than before. And since I am an empath, I easily pick up vibes that are not necessarily good for me. I think that when it is mercury retrograde, people release things or energies that are not serving them anymore so this season is not always good for empaths or for sensitive people who can easily pick up energies around them.

Decreased Logic, More Dreams
I have noticed that I have become less alert as before and I can’t help the sinking of my conscious mind. When I read books, I just get so distracted and I feel like I need more sleep. I cannot really concentrate on my school works and I just write and write and write about my feelings and thoughts instead. I easily get stressed and my body and mind just rejects anything that includes left-brain thinking. Also, my sleep is longer and I get grumpy all day if I do not get enough sleep. This is a time where I feel like I'd rather have sweet dream rather than be awake in real life. 


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