Loved By Grannies

I currently live in a nice neighborhood near my college. These days, I often experience being taken care of by strangers. They are women, of course. Girls like me would always be wary of male strangers who approach them. I grew up always feeling the hostility of girls around me and being exposed early to the competition that exists among our sex. It is only since the start of 2016 that the girls around me became comfortable around me and vice versa. Perhaps something inside me changed too. The current circumstances made me feel and absorb the positive energy of the divine feminine.

These days, especially this month, female strangers have been especially kind to me. They ask me if I am okay, why I am alone, and so on. I don’t know if I just evoke pity everywhere, but I feel like these strangers, or should I say our neighbors, have this urge to protect me especially when they see me walking or eating alone. The old lady that manages this apartment always takes our side whenever our crazy neighbor bullies us. She has been especially kind to us. I also notice that she watches over me in a non-creepy way, which, sometimes is creepy because I feel like I am being treated as her granddaughter. She always offers her help and even wanted to sleep near me when I told her that I was alone in our apartment. The amount of care that I receive is just so creepy since I have grown up being despised or neglected especially by the females around me. I have been enemies with my mother and sister for too long.

The eateries nearby have also been kind to us. I feel much loved whenever they ask me why I eat alone or any question about me. When I ate my dinner earlier, an old lady had been especially kind to me. She always talks to me and I always answer with short replies, because I am very awkward with strangers. I honestly get pampered a lot, more than any normal customer, because they give me my spoon and fork and a glass of water even though it is usually self-service. This old lady that I am talking about always touches my shoulder whenever she gets me something that I didn’t ask, that it seems like she really likes me. She always mutters “kagwapa,” (“how pretty”) when she touches me after she helps me. She even touched my hair earlier and said that I have beautiful hair. Someone around us heard it too, and told me that my hair suits me and I look like a Barbie doll. I just smiled. That was already too much love.

Before I left, they offered to take me back to my apartment because I might get scared (it was dark and raining cats and dogs). I politely declined, so they just told me to take good care of myself. They even asked for my name. When I said “Thea,” they told me that I have a lovely name too. Perhaps I don’t really have to worry about what others think of me because based on my experiences with my neighbors, they love me even though I am a stranger. Perhaps I shouldn’t really obsess with my appearance because the old ladies here tell me that I am pretty. They are just so kind. They always smile at me and I feel like they want to take care of me. However, they do not give me the feeling that I am a weakling or whatever. They just regard me dearly and I am secretly very thankful for that. Perhaps that was my Jupiter in the 3rd house. Perhaps it was the universe’s way of telling me that I am loved. Or perhaps it was my dead granny’s way of reminding me through them that she is still taking care of me even in the afterlife. 


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