First Published Story!

I just wanted to share that this morning, I got my story (not fictional) published for the first time on a website. Surely I have poems that get published in our newspapers during high school, but this one is different. It is special for me. It is on Cosmic Collective [link], a website where people can share their metaphysical stories, extraterrestrial being encounters and the like. Last month, I posted this blog entitled “First Encounters with my Extraterrestrial Guides” and that same blog post was what I submitted on Cosmic Collective, with only a few revisions. They even made an image of a blue centaur-like being for me. It was so special. It was definitely not an Andalite, because that blue being was far from being sinister. Anyway, I was really elated when I found my own story on the website, because it felt like I was being heard by the universe and being reassured that what I experienced what very real. My post was not a literary masterpiece, but a real story of what I have experienced and felt during my meditations. With this synchronicity and esoteric kind of approval, I know that I would really pursue the path of spirituality and writing – since astrologically speaking, I have Scorpio in my 3rd house and Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter in the 3rd house of communication and learning. Namaste!


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